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Creating a Customer Journey Map
UI/UX Design

Published on July 10, 2023

Creating a Customer Journey Map

Uncover the power of customer journey mapping with our free ebook guide. The ebook contains actionable templates and examples to get you started today.

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In this ebook you will learn

  • What is Customer Journey Mapping
  • How do you Create a Customer Journey Map
  • What is Empathy Mapping
  • Customer Experience & Customer Feedback
  • Defining a Perfect Journey Map
  • What to do after creating a customer journey map

Templates and resources included

  1. Customer Journey Map Template
  2. Personas Template
  3. Empathy Canvas
  4. Opportunities vs. Pain Points Canvas


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Learn more about the power of customer journey mapping with our free ebook guide

    FAQ about customer journey mapping

    What is a customer journey map?

    A customer journey map is a visual guide showing the path a customer takes with a company, from the first interaction to a long-term relationship. It’s a tool to understand and improve how customers interact with your business across all channels.

    Learn more in our Free Customer Journey Map eBook.

    How do you create a good customer journey?

    To create a good customer journey, start by understanding your customer’s needs and behaviors. Map their steps from first contact to purchase. Identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. Then, design solutions to enhance the customer experience and constantly improve based on feedback.

    You can find templates and examples that will help you create good customer journey maps in our Customer Journey Mapping Ebook.

    UXtweak Team
    July 10, 2023
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