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Preference Test with UXtweak

Preference Test with UXtweak
UXtweak Team
•  13.10.2021
No more wondering about “This one or that one?”. Assess your users’ preferences with UXtweak’s new Preference Test tool. Let users help you choose the design that they like the most.

Preference Test is the perfect way to find your one and only design solution and reduce extra doubts. And nobody will give you better insights on which option to choose than your real customers. Preference testing with UXtweak gives you the unique opportunity to dive deeper into users’ perception of your service or products.

When should you conduct a Preference Test?

Preference Test is useful whenever you want to compare several designs against each other and find out which one people like most. They’re fast, simple and easy to set up. You can conduct one:

  • In the beginning of the development and design process
  • When redesigning an already running website/app
  • To compare your designs with the competitor’s

Test everything

The designs don’t only need to be pictures or screenshots (JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF). Include sound recordings (MP3, WAV) or video (MP4) and gather your audience’s opinion on a variety of topics.


We understand the importance of an attractive price. That’s why we provide you with our amazing pricing options, suitable for any budget. 

Great news is, subscribing to one of UXtweak’s plans gets you access to all of our other testing tools!

Follow-up with questions

Add some follow-up questions at the end of each test. Ask respondents to explain their choice, get this qualitative feedback and use it to improve your designs in the future.

preference test uxtweak

Try our new Preference Test tool yourself! Just sign in to your account in UXtweak. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll bring all the news about UXtweak right to your inbox!

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