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October 13, 2021
Five Second Test with UXtweak

It’s all about the first impression. Learn what your users think about your website judging by the first 5 seconds with UXtweak’s new Five Second Test tool! Read more ...

October 13, 2021
UXtweak’s Surveys

The ultimate way of getting quality answers and fast feedback. We are happy to announce the launch of UXtweak’s Survey Tool, the one we’ve all been waiting for! Read more ...

October 13, 2021
Preference Test with UXtweak

No more wondering about “This one or that one?”. Assess your users’ preferences with UXtweak’s new Preference Test tool. Let users help you choose the design that they like the most. Read more ...

October 13, 2021
First Click Test with UXtweak

Want to design pages that guide users towards success? Easy! With our new First Click Test tool you can discover if a user's first click guides them where you want them to be. Read more ...

July 22, 2021
Try testing with UXtweak in new languages

We have added new languages to our UXtweak tools to strengthen our user research expertise in Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, France, and Spanish-speaking countries. Read more ...

July 13, 2021
UXtweak User Panel

We know that quality usability studies rely on quality respondents. Therefore we are more than glad to announce that now we can provide you with our UXtweak User Panel with 60M+ of testers available on-demand! Read more ...

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