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Prototype Testing
October 4, 2023
Funnels, recordings and enhanced Figma support for Prototype Testing

Our increasingly popular Prototype Testing tool just received a huge feature update, introducing advanced analysis and visualisation capabilities (these include funnels, enhanced heatmaps and clickmaps), enhanced support for Figma prototypes as well as ability to record the participant's session (screen, voice and face recording) directly from within the UXtweak Study Wizard! Read more ...

Website Testing
September 14, 2023
Screen, voice and face recordings for Website Testing

We are delighted to announce that our popular Website Usability Testing tool just received a major update to its recording technology which now supports capturing 1:1 screen, voice (audio) and face (camera) recordings! Read more ...

Heatmaps and clickmaps for Prototype Testing and First Click Test studies

You can now analyse the results of your Prototype Testing and First Click Test studies even more effectively, as both tools have just received nifty visualisations in the form of heatmaps and clickmaps! Read more ...

Localization support and task-specific URLs for Mobile Testing

The popular UXtweak Mobile Testing tool just received an update allowing you to conduct Mobile Testing studies fully localized into your respondents' native language. It is now also possible to set your custom Start URL for each task independently. Read more ...

Skip logic support for UXtweak questionnaires

Questionnaires across UXtweak tools just received a major update introducing the Skip Logic feature. You may know display certain questions to your respondents conditionally based on their responses as well as other conditions which may be defined for each question individually, thus making the surveys more dynamic. Read more ...

March 21, 2023
Spring Sale: Save up to 35% on Annually Billed Plans

Now that spring is here, how about a fresh start? We at UXtweak, are excited to announce our Spring Sale, where you can save up to 35% on annually billed plans to help you kick off the spring season. Read more ...

Major overhaul of Participants section and ability to build your Own Database of participants

Recruitments at UXtweak just received a major update. The whole Participants section received a complete overhaul, bringing-in sleek and modern look. We are also introducing our new CRM-like Own Database tool, which allows you to build your custom database of participants for your studies. Read more ...

AndroidMobile Testing
January 25, 2023
Mobile Testing support for Android platform

We are delighted to announce that our very popular Mobile App Usability Testing tool just received full support for testing apps, prototypes and websites on the Android platform! Read more ...

November 16, 2022
Question Bank for surveys and fresh new icons

UXtweak just received a major new update, introducing the Question Bank feature and fresh new icons! Read more ...

ExportsMobile Testing
November 8, 2022
PDF and CSV exports for Mobile Testing

Our increasingly popular UXtweak Mobile Testing tool just received a major update allowing you to conveniently export your study results in form of a PDF or CSV report. Read more ...

WEBINAR: A/B Prototype Testing 101

A/B testing provides reliable data to steer design decisions in the right direction. So, wouldn't you rather A/B test in the prototyping stage, choosing the best design options early and saving you money and time? Read more ...

Website Testing
June 14, 2022
Competitive Usability Testing with UXtweak

Uncover strengths and weaknesses in your web user experience with usability testing competitor products. Understand what users love or where they struggle and create a winning strategy using competitor sites in usability testing. Now possible with the all-new UXtweak Chrome Extension! Read more ...

iOSMobile Testing
June 1, 2022
Mobile Testing with UXtweak

Tap into real users’ minds and find out what difficulties they have while using your mobile app. Collect their feedback and improve your mobile UX with UXtweak's new Mobile Testing tool! Read more ...

May 30, 2022
UX Geeks Podcast Transcript: Episode #5 Stéphanie Walter

This is the fifth episode of UX research. Where we spoke to Stephanie, who is a UX researcher and designer based in Luxembourg. She has 12 plus years of experience and specialized in enterprise UX and mobile. Read more ...

Study WizardTool-wide
April 29, 2022
Enhanced language support across all UXtweak tools

UXtweak's Study Wizard is now available in 13 world languages for every tool! These include English, German, French, Italian and more, with brand new addition being Danish and Finnish. Read more ...

March 3, 2022
New features and changes to UXtweak pricing

With recent feature additions to UXtweak, we're also making some necessary changes to our pricing scheme to make to make it more transparent and better reflect the structure of UXtweak tools. Read more ...

January 28, 2022
Video Tutorials and Contextual Help Directly in Dashboard

A new Need help? section is now an integral part of the UXtweak Dashboard and offers a helping hand at every step of using UXtweak, including video tutorials, links to the Documentation section and other useful tips! Read more ...

LanguagesStudy Wizard
January 20, 2022
French Language Support for All UXtweak Tools

You can now use all the UXtweak study tools with native French language support. Bons Tests UX ! Read more ...

FigmaPrototype Testing
January 17, 2022
One-to-One Figma Mode and Path Preview for Prototype Testing

UXtweak's very popular Prototype Testing tool just received a handful of new features, including a pixel-perfect One-to-One Figma mode and respondent's path preview. Don't miss out on them! Read more ...

January 12, 2022
New Question Types and Features for UXtweak’s Surveys

UXtweak’s Surveys just received a handful of awesome new features! You can now create grid-like questionnaires, include images in your questions and many more! Read more ...

December 8, 2021
How to chain studies in UXtweak

When working on a big project, there inevitably comes a time when you have multiple studies on your dashboard that you need respondents to complete. Here's how you can chain studies in UXtweak... Read more ...

Five Second Test
October 13, 2021
Five Second Test with UXtweak

It’s all about the first impression. Learn what your users think about your website judging by the first 5 seconds with UXtweak’s new Five Second Test tool! Read more ...

October 13, 2021
UXtweak’s Surveys

The ultimate way of getting quality answers and fast feedback. We are happy to announce the launch of UXtweak’s Survey Tool, the one we’ve all been waiting for! Read more ...

Preference Test
October 13, 2021
Preference Test with UXtweak

No more wondering about “This one or that one?”. Assess your users’ preferences with UXtweak’s new Preference Test tool. Let users help you choose the design that they like the most. Read more ...

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