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New features and changes to UXtweak pricing

New features and changes to UXtweak pricing
UXtweak Team
•  03.03.2022

We’re constantly adding new features to UXtweak to make your UX research ever more effective as well as pleasant to conduct.
Some of the recently introduced features include:

  • Pixel-perfect One-to-one Figma mode for Prototype Testing, with support for animated transitions and other advanced features of Figma
  • Enhanced Surveys with support for images and grid-like question types
  • A brand-new Need help? section offering contextual help all over the UXtweak Dashboard, including video tutorials by UX specialists and more!

And there’s more to come! Here is a sneak-peek of upcoming features our bees are currently hard working on:

  • Completely revamped User Panel tool with new targeting and screening options
  • Study wizard available in 12 world languages with support for every UXtweak tool
  • Competition testing using our very own UXtweak Browser Extension, allowing you to conduct Website Testing studies easily on any website!

We hope these features will be useful to all of our clients. In relation to these new additions to UXtweak, we’re also making some necessary changes to our plans and pricing scheme. You can find a summary of these on our Pricing page here

The upcoming changes to pricing won’t affect our existing clients with active subscriptions for monthly as well as annual Professional and Enterprise plans, so don’t worry. We’re making this change with an effort to make the pricing scheme more transparent and easier to understand, as well as to better account for the new features as well as structure of the UXtweak tools.

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