UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Empathic Design: Why do We Need It + Examples

Emphatic design can transform your design solutions into relatable, meaningful products. In this article, we have collated everything you need to know about designing with empathy, plus some great examples that stood out for us. Read more ...

Elena Mitsiou
May 24, 2023
UI/UX Design

Deceptive Persuasive Practice in UX Design

Unlock the secrets of persuasive design by discovering how companies and designers use psychology to influence your behavior. From scarcity to forced continuity, learn about deceptive persuasive design practices and how to avoid them. Read more ...

John Bellio
April 21, 2023
UI/UX Design

Mockups in UX: Definition and Best Practices

This practical guide gives you a deep dive on all you need to know about mockups in UX, its fundamentals and best practices, and arms you with the right knowledge to design perfect UX mockup for your project. Read more ...

Exon Nkemchor
April 17, 2023
UI/UX Design

A Guide to Navigation Elements: Filter vs. Facet

Are you wondering which type of design element (filter or facet) is the best option for refining extensive sets of information? This article will cover the differences between filters and facets in UX design, ias well as their pros and cons. Read more ...

Luisa Quinn
February 24, 2023
UI/UX Design

Speculative design and the future

In this article, we’ll go through how speculative design helps you create innovative products, and the impact it has on businesses and the world at large. Read more ...

Uzoma Ibekwe
January 12, 2022