Exon Nkemchor

Current position: UX designer, UX writer

Expertise: UX Design, UI Design, UX Writing, Data Analysis

Education: Federal University of Technology - Owerri

Exon is a freelance UX Designer who currently writes on the UXtweak blog as a UX writer. As a designer, Exon is passionate about designing experiences that guide users to find value in the products they use, as well as helping businesses come up with initiatives to improve product UX, and drive user engagement/adoption.

Exon likes to see himself as a balanced UX professional that gets excited about gnarly problems that have too many layers. With a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, he applies an empathy and data-driven UX design thinking process to help teams test their ideas to quickly uncover valuable user insights that will help them deliver delightful product experiences that customers love.

UX Tips

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Exon Nkemchor
29. 03. 2024
UX Career

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Exon Nkemchor
25. 12. 2023