User Research

User Research How to analyze survey data: A quick guide

When improving the quality of your product, feedback from users can give you the most valuable information. Don’t get lost in the data and find a way how to understand them. Start with these 7 easy tips. Read more ...

UXtweak Team
May 28, 2021
User Research Top 7 session replay softwares in 2021

Is your website intuitive enough? In this article we’ve gathered the best of the best session replay softwares on the market, so you could analyze your visitors and make useful improvements to your website’s UX. Read more ...

UXtweak Team
May 21, 2021
User Research 5 reasons why your team needs a UX researcher

Who is a UX researcher and why you need to hire one right now? In this article, we will provide you with tips on how a UX researcher positively influences your team. Read more ...

UXtweak Team
May 1, 2021
User Research Basics of Ethnographic research in UX

Today we will provide you with an intro to Ethnographic research, a method for a deeper understanding of human behavior. We'll discuss what it is when to use it and how can it be helpful for you as a UX researcher. Read more ...

UXtweak Team
April 23, 2021
User Research UX Research-current trends and the future

Research is the inevitable part of UX as such and we are glad to see that UX research is becoming a trend itself. Let’s find out more about current trends and the not so far future of UX research. Read more ...

UXtweak Team
April 16, 2021
Usability Testing The ever-growing list of all the ways to use UXtweak

We have created a comprehensive (but by no means complete) list of different ways to use UXtweak and all its features. Use this list to inspire you as you read through, and we're sure you'll be able to find various ideas to improve your own website! Read more ...

UXtweak Team
March 5, 2021

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