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Userfeel Reviews & Ratings 2024: Pros, Cons & More

Userfeel Reviews & Ratings 2024: Pros, Cons & More
Jana Filusova
•  17.06.2024
Are you considering Userfeel for your team's usability testing needs? You've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore Userfeel, highlighting its features, identifying any potential limitations, and comparing it with a key competitor. So, get comfortable and join us as we explore what Userfeel has to offer!

❕ Important note: This review site presents information relevant for researchers, not for participants in the user panel.

Let’s delve into Userfeel, a user testing platform. We’ll examine its features, pinpoint any shortcomings, and stack it up against rival products to see if another option might better suit your team’s evolving requirements.

What is Userfeel?

Userfeel is a usability testing platform that provides videos of real users sharing their thoughts while interacting with your website or app. Developed by Usability Researchers for both their peers and newcomers to UX Research, Userfeel is also ideal for anyone looking to enhance their website or app’s user experience.


Key Features of Userfeel

What do people think about Userfeel?

Pros and cons on this section were formulated by aggregating user feedback from platforms like Capterra.com and G2.com.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is easy to use, simplifying the user testing process.
  • Flexible Payment: The pay-per-interview model eliminates the need for regular subscriptions.
  • Diverse Languages: Offers a panel of 850,000 testers, covering 40 different languages.
  • Real-Time Videos: Video recordings and annotations provide a clear view of the user experience, aiding in identifying improvement areas.

Reviews: What do you like best about Userfeel?

👌 ”It’s easy to gather real user feedback. No need to hire an agency or organize offline feedback sesions. I really value I can do it online.”

– Verified User in Accounting, Source: G2

👌 ”Mina (from customer support) helped me through so many challenges of using the platform, thank God for her. I got enough data for my study. The actual functionality is pretty cool, and it’s always helpful to see people walk through your prototypes.”

– Verified User in Financial Services, Source: G2

👌 ”Love that I can pay-as-go. Allows me to only run the tests I need, when I need them, without feeling that I am going to be beholden to them in the future and end up wasting tests that I don’t use.”

– Verified User in Information Technology and Services, Source: G2

Pros in a nutshell

Userfeel offers an easy-to-use platform with a flexible pay-per-interview model, eliminating the need for subscriptions. It has a diverse panel of 850,000 testers covering 40 languages and provides real-time video recordings and annotations, making it simple to identify areas for improvement.


  • Limited Sharing Options: Sharing videos with team members is not straightforward; you must download them or upload them to YouTube first.
  • Test Result Delays: There can be a lag in receiving results, which is challenging for time-sensitive projects.
  • Limited Integration Options: Enhanced integration with various tools and platforms would better support diverse workflows.
  • Tester Pool Targeting: While there is a broad tester base, more precise targeting for specialized criteria would be beneficial.

Reviews: What do you dislike about Userfeel?

👎 ”Sometimes quality of the tester is not high, meaning they seem not to fit within the target audience. Other than demographics, you can only filter out users based on pre-screening questions, and it seems like people are not always honest. Also, some users provide their general thoughts rather than aswering the especific questions.

– Verified User in Accounting, Source: G2

👎 ”I was contacting Mina (from customer support) every day I was using this platform because there was so much I didn’t know about how it worked. Like the credits situation. Also, I think some bugs miscounted my finished sessions and led to participants being unable to take the survey when I still had available slots.”

– Verified User in Financial Services, Source: G2

👎 ”Sometimes tests are slow to run. Had no trouble running desktop/laptop-based test, but mobile tests first didn’t show up until I wrote support and are taking a long time to be picked up and completed.”

– Verified User in Information Technology and Services, Source: G2

Cons in a nutshell

Userfeel has some drawbacks, including limited sharing options for videos, requiring downloads or uploads to YouTube. There can be delays in receiving test results, posing challenges for time-sensitive projects. The platform also has limited integration options with other tools and platforms, and more precise targeting for specialized criteria in the tester pool would be beneficial.

Identifying potential alternatives for Userfeel

🐝 Tip: For more alternatives, explore the “Userfeel alternatives” article for a comprehensive list of options.


UXtweak is a user research tool that stands out from Userfeel. It’s designed to enhance the customer experience for websites and apps, covering everything from prototypes to final products. What makes UXtweak different is its range of features, like tree testing, first-click testing, five-second tests, and mobile testing, all available in one platform. It also provides a full suite of recruitment, and participant management tools. With flexible and affordable pricing, UXtweak is a practical choice for UX professionals.

Stéphanie Walter - testimonial

Key Features of UXtweak

Reviews: What do you like best about UXtweak?

👌 “I love how easy and quick it is to set up the tests. To import the prototype from Figma you just need a link. It imports all your transitions directly from Figma or you can choose to connect the screens manually during setup. The analytics are great, you can easily filter out specific respondent groups, based on different criteria, and analyze results for each of them. I like that you can get a great amount of qual and quant insights without having to spend hours on the manual analysis.

– Syuzana G., Source: G2

👌 “We used UXtweak to test usability of our mobile app’s interface and it helped greatly. We were able to recruit a rather niche audience of participants directly in the app, which honestly saved a lot of time. The study had great analytics for each task of our test. There are also recordings for each session that you can come back to for further analysis.”

– Emilly S., Source: G2

👌 “Their card sorting feature. It’s a great tool that offers an incredible amount of analytics and features for such a price.”

– David, Source: G2

Need to conduct moderated research?

With UXtweak you can recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze user interviews or any other moderated studies directly in one platform.

Try our Freefrom Interview tool for user interviews or use Study Interviews to run any UXtweak studies moderated (eg. moderated card sorting, moderated website testing…).

Moderated testing supports multiple recruitment methods:

  • Bring your own participants
  • Access prequalified participants from a global User Panel in 130+ countries
  • Turn site visitors into participants with Onsite Recruiting
  • Use your custom panel with Own Database

Reviews: What do you dislike about UXtweak?

👎 “The UI of the study setup could use a face lift, it’s quite outdated.”

– David, Source: G2

👎 “There is currently nothing we dislike about UXtweak, as we always get enough insights about our products that we can implement into the practice straight away.

– Matej K., Source: G2

👎 “Sometimes it takes time to import Figma prototypes. I guess because of API. Also, the interface of UXtweak should be a little bit more designed. Their site is very modern, but the application can also be redesigned. But it is functional and easy to use.

– Denisa M., Source: G2

Try UXtweak for free!

Test your assumptions quickly, access qualified audiences worldwide, and receive clear reports - all with competitive pricing.

Register for the free plan


Userfeel offers a simple and flexible pricing plan with no subscription required. Here are the details:

Pay-As-You-Go Options:

  • $30 for a 60-minute unmoderated test using your own testers.
  • $60 for a 60-minute moderated test using your own testers.
  • $60 for a 20-minute unmoderated test with Userfeel’s panel.
  • $120 for a 40-minute test, unmoderated or moderated, with Userfeel’s panel.
  • $180 for a 60-minute test, unmoderated or moderated, with Userfeel’s panel.

Note that these durations are maximums; some tests may be shorter. For tests using Userfeel’s panel, the cost includes participant incentives. Prices range from $30 for a 60-minute test with your testers to $180 for a 60-minute session with Userfeel’s panel, whether unmoderated or moderated.


  • Starter Plan: Free
  • Plus Plan: $708/year ($59 monthly).
  • Business Plan: $1,812/year ($151 monthly).
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $5,000/year.

Subscription options are typically annual with monthly payments available; plans can be easily changed or canceled. Check UXtweak’s pricing page for more details.

Userfeel reviews and ratings on review platforms

Let’s explore the feedback from users who have experienced each tool. You’ve seen some user opinions in the “What do people think?” section above. But what’s the consensus? In the table below, you’ll find the aggregated ratings for each tool from review platforms G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra.

Review Site









Decision-Making Guide: Is Userfeel Right for Your Team?

Userfeel’s user-friendly approach and pay-per-interview pricing make it suitable for newcomers to UX testing, especially with its multi-language support. However, it falls short in video sharing options, result delays, integration capabilities, and precise tester targeting. In contrast, UXtweak offers a better option with its comprehensive toolset, affordable pricing, and excellent audience sourcing, providing access to high-quality respondents and addressing the limitations found in Userfeel.

People also ask (FAQ)

What is UXtweak?

UXtweak is a comprehensive UX research platform that offers a range of tools for in-depth analysis of websites, apps, and prototypes. It enables you to understand user perspectives through various methods like Website Testing, Session Recording, Card Sorting, and more. Designed for flexibility, UXtweak supports testing across the entire website lifecycle, offering insights for both UX experts and stakeholders.

It also facilitates user involvement and feedback by allowing integration of feedback features on your website and offering multiple recruitment options for study participants.

I want to try UXtweak. What should I do?

Register for a free account at UXtweak, choose a plan that works for you, subscribe, and start your UX research, or get in touch with our product experts to discuss your needs.

What is Userfeel?

Userfeel is a usability testing tool designed to help improve the user experience of websites and apps. It provides videos of real users interacting with your site or application, offering their verbal feedback in real-time.

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