Joe Bland

Current position: Head of Design, Content Writer

Expertise: UX Design, Graphic Design, UX Research

Education: Swinburne University of Technology

Joe Bland is Head of Design at a fintech startup, where he leads a talented product design team in the creation and refinement of a suite of financial products for businesses to take payments, send invoices, and manage funds and spending cards. Joe is also a content writer for UXtweak where he enjoys sharing his design expertise through articles and guides.

Previously, Joe founded Univers, a brand, UX, and wayfinding studio in 2001, and worked with boutique, institutional, and international clients, including Arup, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Woods Bagot, and Qatar STP.

UX Tips Digital Product Development: Process & Best Practises

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Joe Bland
March 23, 2023
Usability Testing Prototype User Testing – Step-by-step Guide for 2023

Want to check the viability of your concepts, without the high cost of failing in code or after launch? Prototype user tests are a low-risk investment, which give feedback and confidence to product development. Read more ...

Joe Bland
February 8, 2023
Usability Testing Moderated Usability Testing 101

User behavior might often seem baffling to UX researchers. However, you can go deeper into how users act and think by engaging participants in moderated usability testing. Read more ...

Joe Bland
January 4, 2023
Usability Testing First Click Testing 101: Getting Design Right

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Joe Bland
November 30, 2022
User Research A Simple Guide to Cognitive Walkthrough

Cognitive walkthrough is a long-established tool for developing new or complicated flows. Learn how to set them up to bring some rigor to your discussions. Read more ...

Joe Bland
October 25, 2022
Usability Testing How to Conduct a Competitive Audit

Competitor Audits are an easy way to learn from your competitors' mistakes and mimic their strenths . Learn how to conduct a competitive audit for free with UXtweak. Read more ...

Joe Bland
September 27, 2022
User Research The only introduction to Mixed Method Research you’ll need

When you’re looking to give your UX research more weight and effect, Mixed Method Research is a great tactic to use and in this article we're going to explain how! Read more ...

Joe Bland
September 2, 2022