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12 Best Userfeel Alternatives & Competitors in 2023
User Testing

Published on September 14, 2023

12 Best Userfeel Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Userfeel is one of many UX tools on the market, which not only assists with usability testing but also offers a user panel, for easier recruiting of participants who will evaluate your website or app. However, there are many Userfeel alternatives that offer the same and much more, for a similar price point.

For people who are not yet familiar with this tool, we have prepared a short Userfeel review for you. If you want to evaluate the competitors right away, skip to the list of Userfeel alternatives 👇. Read along!

What is Userfeel?

Userfeel is a remote usability testing platform, which offers around 150,000 testers speaking 40 different languages that will visit your website or mobile app and evaluate it in the scenario you’ll design. You will receive a responses along with video recordings of participants completing your tasks and their remarks.

If a tester is puzzled or experiencing problems with the task you set, you will be able to hear them express their difficulty and clarify the problems they are having with navigating your product.

You may test your website using Userfeel without any subscription on a pay-as-you-go basis. Simply pay 60€ for each tester. Alternatively, you can pay 30€ for each tester you bring.

Is Userfeel worth it?

✅ Pros of Userfeel

  • A simple tool that offers tools for both moderated and unmoderated usability testing (on a website or mobile app)
  • 40 languages are available
  • Audio transcriptions

❌ Cons of Userfeel

  • Limited testing methods available
  • No subscription plans – pay-as-you-go option might get pricey with large-scale testing
  • Targeting options of the user panel are somewhat lacking according to users on Capterra – Hard to find users that fit your target audience

Userfeel is an excellent place to start if you are the owner of a website or app that you have never tested before or if you are not particularly familiar with UX. However, we advise using one of the 12 Userfeel alternatives listed below if you’re seeking a greater variety of capabilities or want to perform more complex tests.

Userfeel review

These Userfeel reviews are based on the information by Capterra:

Overall Score – 4.6/5 

Ease of Use – 4.6/5

Customer Service – 4.1/5 

Value for money – 4.4/5

12 best Userfeel alternatives:

  1. UXtweak
  2. UserTesting
  3. UserZoom
  4. Userlytics
  5. Loop11
  6. PlaybookUX
  7. UXArmy
  8. Mouseflow
  9. FullStory
  10. Maze
  11. Userbrain
  12. TryMyUI

In the article below, you will find a comprehensive comparison of the best Userfeel alternatives. For each tool, we evaluated:

  • List of features
  • Pros and cons
  • Pricing

Here is a quick comparison table, to ease the process of choosing the ideal option and save some time for you. We’ve compared each tool’s overall rating, ease of use, quality of support, and price. The table is based solely on the tool’s user ratings from the well-renowned review site Capterra or G2(*).


Ease of Use

Quality of Support





✓ Free plan

Plus plan - $49/month, billed annually




✗ No free plan

Upon request, starting at $15K/year




✗ No free plan

Upon request, starting at $50K/year




✗ No free plan

Pro plan - $399/month Billed annually




✓ Free plan (only for some methods)

starting $267/month (billed annually)




✓ Free plan

Depending on the method, ranging $59- $399/month




✗ No free plan

Upon reguest




✓ Free plan

Pro plan - $75/month Billed annually




✗ No free plan

Pro plan - $299/month Billed annually




✗ No free plan

Team - $333/month Billed annually

1. UXtweak

UXtweak is an all-in-one UX research tool, which offers a variety of great features all in one place. With UXtweak, you can test your websites and web/mobile applications at every stage, from prototype to production, as well as conduct research on information architecture and study user behavior analytics.

This platform is the greatest substitute for Userfeel since it combines all of your demands and more into a single, user-friendly tool.

userfeel alternatives

The easiest way to recruit users is with UXtweak! But why?

Because you have not just one option, but four:

  • Using UXtweak’s Onsite Recruiting Widget, which enables you to recruit your actual website visitors – the real users of your product – as research participants
  • Choosing users from UXtweak’s User Panel with 155M+ engaged respondents and 2000+ filtering attributes
  • Copying the URL to your study and sharing it with anybody you like
  • UXtweak’s Own Database – a CRM-like tool for managing your own participants that allows you to store contacts, segment and send automatic email invitations. Powerful tool, for easier project management and continuous testing.


  • Website Usability Testing Tool
  • Session Recording with Website Heatmaps (Click, Scroll, Move, Tap)
  • Mobile App Usability Testing
  • Prototype Testing (Figma, Invision, Axure)
  • Tree Testing Tool
  • Card Sorting Tool
  • Preference Tests
  • 5 Second Test
  • First Click Test
  • Online surveys

👇Try UXtweak tools in these demos:

Try Tree Testing✅

Tree Testing
Try Tree Testing✅

Try Website Usability Testing🔥

Website Testing
Try Website Usability Testing🔥

Advantages of UXtweak:

  • Pleasant UX and easy to use
  • Quick set-up
  • Great variety of methods and tools
  • Advanced analytics that are easy to understand
  • Multilingual and diverse panel with strong filtering options

Disadvantages of UXtweak:

  • Testing is only available in 14 languages


    UXtweak offers a free starter plan that gives you unlimited access to all of its tools and has no time limits on research, perfect for smaller projects.

    Additionally, you may choose between a Plus plan, which begins at 49€ per month (billed annually), a Business plan, or get a custom quote with the Enterprise plan.

    Unsure about Userfeel? Try UXtweak!

    Similar toolkit with many more methods for user research, recruiting options and all with the most affordable price tag.

    Register for free

    2. UserTesting

    One of the original unmoderated testing websites, UserTesting, is still well-known and used, however, it is on the pricier side. Product Insight, Insight Core, and Marketing Insight are their three main offerings.

    When combined, these three components can help with practically any type of study.

    userfeel alternatives


    1. Website testing
    2. Mobile application testing
    3. Prototype testing
    4. Card sort & Tree test
    5. Preference test
    6. 5 second test
    7. Survey tool
    8. 1:1 interviews with testers


    • Advanced targeting – Users like the big participant pool’s ability to let them more accurately target the desired study participants.
    • Instant customer insights — Thanks to the vast number of comments, you may quickly learn everything about the situation.
    • With UserTesting you have also the option to earn money as a tester, like with Userfeel. To become a tester at UserTesting is however easier than at Userfeel.
    • Charges for bringing your own participants and not using the user panel.


    • The biggest and most obvious problem with the site is the abundance of pointless responses. Even while UserTesting has a large tester base, it seems that a sizable chunk of them lack the skills necessary to contribute to worthwhile research. Some test takers are impatient, dishonest, or just appear indifferent, which clouds the overall picture of the evaluation process.
    • Reports with issues – some clients claim that UserTesting findings are challenging to understand and assess, making it challenging to quickly synthesize data.
    • No free trial


    Upon request. Starting at $30,000/year.

    3. UserZoom

    UserZoom is a user testing tool that offers product designers useful UX knowledge for online interactions. The platform makes it easier to get customer feedback and insights through surveys, testing, audio, video, and other advanced features.

    It provides tools for participant recruitment, usability benchmarking, research on information architecture, dashboard building, and more in addition to usability testing.

    userfeel alternatives


    • Usability testing (live website/mobile or prototype)
    • User Interviews
    • Click Testing
    • Surveys
    • Tree testing & Card sorting tool


    • Useful at every step of development and launch, a comprehensive platform with a ton of options for moderated and unmoderated research to gain actionable insights
    • Unlimited screening questions and access to quality participants in the user panel
    • Automatic video transcription
    • Fantastic analytics and reports


    • Not advised for individuals or small enterprises 
    • Pricey plans
    • A total newbie may find the platform’s user interface (UI) to be a little confusing and difficult to use
    • Even if they are thorough, study guidelines sometimes cause confusion
    • There is no free trial


    Pricing is only available upon request. Starting at around $70,000/year.

    💡Pro Tip

    If you’re hesitating between UserZoom and UserTesting check out this in-depth UserZoom vs UserTesting comparison.

    4. Userlytics

    If you look at the Userfeel vs. Userlytics platforms side by side, you can see that Userlytics is another great alternative to Userfeel. They are renowned for their rich feature set and reasonable pricing structure. As its UI is somewhat outdated, it’s a great platform to keep in mind, especially if the tool’s visual aspects aren’t vital to you.

    userfeel alternatives


    1. Moderated & Unmoderated Usability Testing
    2. User Testing for Mobile Apps
    3. Prototype testing
    4. Card Sorting
    5. Tree testing


    • You may purchase automatic, multilingual, AI-generated transcriptions of your examinations.
    • Multilingual panel: With a big responder base and deep targeting capabilities, you can get in touch with a range of real users from across the world.
    • Provides comprehensive reporting on quantitative metrics including time on task, SUS, NPS, and SUPR-Q.


    • Old-fashioned user interface – their user interface could be changed to be more user-friendly and less dated.
    • Several customers claimed that the testing process was a little too slow and had audio issues.
    • Reports in PDF format are not accessible.
    • There isn’t much data provided by Userlytics on the demographics of the participants.


    While the Enterprise package is $69 per person, the entry-level Quick & Easy plan is $49 per person. Their subscription plans start at $499/month (annual billing). Additionally, they may provide customized pricing.

    5. Loop 11

    The cloud-based user research platform Loop11 is a good alternative to Userfeel with similar tools and some additional features. It allows you to conduct unmoderated usability tests ( on live websites, mobile/web applications and prototypes) as well as first-click testing and tree testing. 

    loop11: a userfeel alternative


    1. Heat maps and clickstream analysis
    2. Testing of live websites or prototypes
    3. Benchmarking


    • It captures both audio and video, allowing for a more full understanding of user feedback.
    • The information it offers regarding your website’s or app’s usability and speed is simple to understand.


    • The lack of screening makes it impossible to determine whether the survey respondents belong to the intended audience of target users.
    • The speed at which some pages load is potentially problematic, according to several users.
    • No card sorting tool


    A 14-day free trial is offered, however, all additional tests will be charged. The monthly fee for the basic plan is $199.

    6. PlaybookUX 

    PlaybookUX – a remote user feedback platform – is another good alternative to Userfeel. It is a cloud-based tool for moderated and unmoderated user testing and allows you to find your target audience easily with their user panel. Marketing, UX, IT teams, and agile teams, are able to observe customer behavior, understand user concerns, and optimize each stage of the customer journey. 

    userfeel alternatives


    1. Usability testing (web/mobile)
    2. Card sort tool 
    3. Tree test tool
    4. Surveys


    • Allows you to create highlight reels of tester video sessions
    • Good collaboration tools 
    • Unlimited team seats


    • The learning curve of the platform is a bit steep
    • Analytics could be more in-depth


    Grow Plan Starting from $267/month (annual billing), Scale Plan at $450/month. You can also select a pay-as-you-go option, that starts at $49 for a 15 Minute Unmoderated Session and $99 for a 30 Minute Moderated Session.

    7. UXArmy

    UXArmy is almost a perfect match as an alternative to Userfeel, although they do offer additional features for information architecture testing on top. It will help you create a great UI and exceptional user experience. This cloud-based analytics platform for digital experiences keeps track of billions of digital interactions and converts these behaviors into intelligent recommendations that anyone can use to improve customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and foster innovation.

    userfeel alternatives


    1. Unmoderated testing
    2. Moderated testing
    3. Tree testing
    4. Card sorting


    • The platform has an intuitive UI and provides actionable user insights. 
    • Fast to set up.


    • There is no preview option, before sending the tests out.
    • Like Userfeel the methods and tools available are not very varied.
    • Payment is separate for each tool you use – if you need to use all 4 it might get pricey.


    You pay for the specific tool you choose, not the whole platform. The prices for the tools start from $59/month and go up to $399. You can ask for a custom enterprise solution for unlimited projects.

    8. Mouseflow

    A user behavior analytics tool like Mouseflow might not be what you would think about as an alternative to a remote user testing service like Usergfeel, however, depending on your need it might fit your goals even better. Make sure your users know how to navigate your product with session replay and track the customer journey and boost conversion rates with funnel analysis. There is also no need for a participant pool, as Mouseflow shows you every single user who visits your digital products. It is ideal for product managers, online marketers, user experience experts, start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations.

    mouseflow: a userfeel alternative


    1. Heatmaps
    2. Session recordings
    3. Analysis of conversion funnels
    4. Surveys


    • Iframe functionality – which has been praised by many Mouseflow clients
    • Intuitive and quick to master
    • 15-day free trial on all plans


    • In some circumstances, graphics on the pages are not visible in heatmaps or recordings, and it can be difficult to modify or block the popup that is usually required for cookie consent.
    • No way to select a target audience – it tracks all users.


    A monthly limitation of 500 recordings applies to the free plan offered by Mouseflow. Paid plans range from $31-$399 per month (annual billing) or you can ask for a custom enterprise quote.

    9. Fullstory

    Similar to Mouseflow, Fullstory helps improve customer experiences and meet business goals. It enables users to monitor and assess each customer’s activity. Every action, including page changes and clicks, is immediately recorded. While not a traditional usability platform like Userfell, it nevertheless offers a good comprehensive suite to explore how your users behave.

    fullstory: a userfeel alternative


    1. Journey Mapping
    2. Heatmap Feature
    3. Session Replays
    4. Click Testing
    5. User Segments


    • Even beginners can use it effortlessly.
    • The new function enables users to locate critical experience insights quickly.


    • It can be challenging to set up segments.
    • A complete understanding of the product could take some time.


    You need to get in touch with FullStory if you’re interested in learning more about the whole price list.

    10. Maze

    Maze is a tool for continuous product research that enables product teams to actively gather and evaluate user insights. It enables you to import a current prototype from the design program you use because it is fully integrated with Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Marvel, or Sketch.

    maze - alternative to userfeel


    1. Usability testing (Only websites and prototypes)
    2. Survey
    3. 5 Second Testing
    4. Card Sorting
    5. Tree testing
    6. Interviews


    • It provides researchers and participants with a pleasant user experience, and collaborating is simple.
    • Enables you to communicate with users and get information from them as if you were face-to-face.


    • No mobile usability testing
    • Only applicable to lightweight prototypes
    • Problems with participant credits’ purchase and use


    Maze has a free version with limits of 1 active project and up to 10 blocks. The paid plans start at $75 per month if you pay annually.

    11. Userbrain

    A cloud-based tool called Userbrain assists companies in streamlining user testing procedures so they may learn more about how well their websites, applications, and services are performing. Managers can use the platform to gather and examine consumer comments, film videos, and capture screens.



    1. Moderated usability testing 
    2. Unmoderated usability testing 
    3. Prototype testing


    • Userbrain is simple to install and use, and it provides test results practically instantly. 
    • Customizing the tests is effortless and flexible to your needs. They have many types of questions to choose from, and customizing existing templates is easy.


    • More than enough clients are dissatisfied with Userbrain’s testers’ quality. Some claim that it’s more of a hit-or-miss process, which doesn’t sound all that promising.
    • The filters for the results are not flexible enough.


    Userbrain has a free trial. Paid plans range from $99/month to $799/month depending on your needs.

    12. TryMyUI (Trymata)

    A California-based startup called TryMyUI (formerly Trymata) offers software that aids companies in doing UX research. The solution includes two distinct tools: one for platform analysis and the other for usability testing (unmoderated tests).


    TryMyUI Features:

    1. Moderated & unmoderated tests
    2. First impression testing
    3. Qualitative analysis
    4. Session recordings


    • The updated UI looks much more pleasant than the old one.
    • 500K+ user panel to reruit from.


    • No free plan.
    • The support’s availability and the actual ability to help is quite lacking according to multiple users on the review site Capterra.


    TryMyUI doesn’t have a free plan, but you can request a demo. Prices for usability testing start at $333 per month.

    💡Tip: If that is outside of your budget, take a look at TryMyUI alternatives.

    Did you find your Userfeel alternative?

    Now that you’ve finished this article hopefully, your options are more clear to you. There are a lot of tools on the market to consider however we hope you found your perfect Userfeel alternative.

    If UXtweak made your top list, we are ecstatic. Try it out for free! Register at UXtweak and start creating your studies today. Good luck.

    Unsure about Userfeel? Try UXtweak!

    Similar toolkit with many more methods for user research, recruiting options and all with the most affordable price tag.

    Register for free

    People also ask (FAQ)

    What are the best Userfeel alternatives?

    The best alternatives to Userfeel are:

    • UXtweak 
    • UserTesting
    • UserZoom
    • Userlytics
    • Loop11

    Among these Userfeel alternatives, UXtweak offers the best functionality/price relation, so make sure to create your free account today.

    Which Userfeel alternatives offer free trials?

    Several of Userfeel competitors offer free trials, such as UXtweak, Loop11 and Userbrain. Out of these, UXtweak has the most extensive toolkit, so make sure to try it today.

    What are the best free Userfeel alternatives?

    The best free alternatives to Userfeel are: 

    UXtweak is the best Userfeel alternative and has the most extensive all-purpose toolkit.

    Tereza Stehlikova
    September 14, 2023
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    Tereza is also a big part of the UX Research Geeks podcast, responsible for collaborating with our host Tina and getting new inspiring UX people to come talk to us and share their experiences.

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