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UXtweak Reviews

UXtweak Reviews
David Hlaváček
•  22.12.2020
A dedicated user will always be demanding. Such a user will have difficulties deciding what UX tool fits him among many alternatives. All of them offer similar features and whatnots. So what is the deciding factor?


Reviews that help you decide

That’s right, reviews from real verified users help you decide what tool is just right for you. A reviewer will always include the pros and cons of the tool, the out-of-the-box perspective on the tool such as efficiency, user-friendliness, customer support, or simply a to-the-point description of the tool that helps you orientate.

Today we will present to you what users think of UXtweak – UX research platform offering research tools such as Website testing tool, Card Sorting tool, Tree testing tool, and Session recordings with Heatmaps. You can read about all of them in Features

Top 5 reasons to choose UXtweak based on reviews

1. UXtweak is “easy to use”

It’s a fact that UXtweak made a great effort to make its design user-friendly after all, that’s the purpose of the tool – to help you create user-centered digital projects.Review of UXtweak on Capterra talking about how easy it is to use.

It looks simple yet beautiful, and it is easy to use, all while being one hell of a powerful UX research tool offering many features.

2. UXtweak is an “all in one UX research solution”

It’s no surprise that most UX tools focus on fewer features, sometimes only one.

UXtweak tried to be one step ahead of everyone, and they developed a comprehensive UX research toolkit to accommodate the whole UX research process and usable in any of the development cycles.All-in-one UX research solution review of UXtweak 

3. UXtweak is the “biggest bang for a buck”

It’s no lie that most UX tools are expensive, packed with many features whose purpose is to potentially bring you more income, so they become an investment as they are worth it in the long run. For UX tools standards UXtweak pricing is affordable…User of UXtweak comments on reasonable pricing in his review.

…and if you take into consideration all the services it provides in one package, it really becomes the “biggest bang for your bucks”.Subscriber of UXtweak calls it the biggest bang for your buck of UX research tools.

4. UXtweak has “great support”

With an active enthusiastic community comes great support. According to the review UXtweak support is great and helpful

UXtweak not only offers very detailed documentation with step-by-step guides but often posts tutorials on its blog, and live support is at your disposal at any time.

5. UXtweak’s team presence and activity

Last but not least, being the active enthusiastic team they are, they never stop listening to their community and are more than excited to add new features and help their users whenever needed.


As you can clearly see: 

UXtweak provides “the most flexibility”

UXtweak being an all-in-one tool, provides the user with enormous flexibility. The features synergize very well with each other and therefore bring very positive results when used back-to-back. Not to mention all the other out-of-the-box features like live-support, blogs, and others.

One of our users pointed this out in his reviews on G2:Review mentioning great platform offers.

Another user on Capterra emphasized the powerfulness of combining the features together:Users believe UXtweak features work best back-to-back.

This one appreciates its ability to cover the entire usability testing process.

This information should provide you with everything you need to know to make your final decision.

UXtweak is one hell of a “powerhouse” of a tool. Packed with many features that synergize well together, don’t believe me? Take a look at what it offers:List of UXtweak features.

Constant updates and events. Non-stop improvement and live-support. Not to forget, it has its own blog.

That’s about it. If you want to learn all the features in detail, just check UXtweak or visit the blog to learn more about UX research and design. 

Hopefully, I was able to help you in your search for the best UX tool out there:) 

Take care!

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