Marek Strba

Marek Strba is a UX researcher at UXtweak. Marek is a full-stack developer turned UX researcher. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Informatics and a Master of Engineering in Intelligent Software Systems, Marek brings a unique combination of technical expertise and user-centered design experience to his role. He leverages his technical background to bring a deep understanding of how to use technology to enhance the user experience.

 As a UX researcher, he focuses on consulting enterprise clients and supporting our customers with his unique ability to bridge the gap between technical and design teams. He is also a speaker in UXtweak webinars where he shares his insights and expertise on a wide range of topics.

UX Tips How to Create a Survey With ChatGPT [Use Cases]

With the recent OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT craze still going strong, we decided to look into a few ways how this famous chatbot can help you with creating a UX survey. See what we found out in this article! Read more ...

Marek Strba
March 24, 2023
User Research Convincing Stakeholders of UX Research Importance [Survey Results]

Recently we polled the UX community about their budgets, workplace culture and more. Learn more about our findings and designers' struggles with convincing stakeholders about the value of UX research. Read more ...

Marek Strba
March 2, 2023
Usability Testing Wireframe Testing with UXtweak

In this article we are going to show you how to conduct wireframe testing with UXtweak, what tools and methods to use and some of the best practices. Read more ...

Marek Strba
November 23, 2022
User Research A/B Testing on Prototypes: an Ultimate Guide

In this blog we discuss what A/B testing is, its definition, why it is useful and most importantly, how to conduct an A/B testing of your Figma prototype using only one UXtweak Prototype Testing study. Read more ...

Marek Strba
July 8, 2022