Elena Mitsiou

Current position: UX Researcher

Expertise: UX Research, UX Design, EdTech

Education: Master of Science in Management

Elena is a T-shaped UX Researcher with a varied cross-industry marketing background. She holds a BA in English as SLA, a Master of Science in Management and a professional UX Design Diploma. She leverages her marketing background to bridge the gap between users and products, ensuring digital products meet user needs while hitting business goals.

Her career highlights include helping Talanta, an educational start-up to scale into a global remote-first edtech SaaS business and becoming a guest lecturer at the University of Brighton International College.

User Research

How to Conduct a UX Review

In this article, we are exploring the game-changing impact of the UX review on user experience. You will learn everything you need to know about UX reviews, including its key benefits, methodologies, tools, and examples as well as a handy checklist to hit the ground running when optimizing your digital product. Read more ...

Elena Mitsiou
16. 08. 2023