Tereza Stehlikova

Current position: Marketing Specialist

Expertise: Writing, Communication, Marketing, Research

Education: Comenius University

Tereza Stehlikova is a Marketing Specialist at UXtweak where she shares her expertise by leveraging the company's communications and PR activities. With a degree in International relations, she became passionate about user experience design and quickly found herself at UXtweak, working closely with designers and researchers.

Tereza is also a big part of the UX Research Geeks podcast, responsible for collaborating with our host Tina and getting new inspiring UX people to come talk to us and share their experiences.

User Research

UX vs. CX: What’s the Difference?

People tend to confuse “UX” with “CX” and vice versa. Some are even under the impression that they are just the same. However, it's not the case. Today we are going to explain the difference and the nuances of each term. Read more ...

Tereza Stehlikova
17. 04. 2024