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7 Best Userbrain Alternatives in 2024

7 Best Userbrain Alternatives in 2024
Tereza Stehlikova
•  22.04.2024
There are many user research testing tools out there and sometimes it gets difficult to choose the right one for your needs. When every application offers different features and price plans, we know how overwhelming it might get to find the one. But don’t worry! This article is going to be your guide to some of the best Userbrain alternatives.

Moreover, if you are curious about more tools you can have a look at our alternatives comparison page.

Tip: Refresh your knowledge of the basic functions of Userbrain, or jump straight into exploring possible alternatives 🐝

Here’s a quick comparison table with all Userbrain alternatives and their reviews*:

Userbrain has an overall Rating: 4.3/5, and the pricing starts at 79€/month (billed annually).


Ease of Use

Quality of Support






✓ Free plan 

Plus plan -






✗ No free plan

Upon request,

Starts at $30,000/year





✓ Free plan 

Starter - 






✗ No free plan

Enterprise - starting at $3,500/year





✗ No free plan

Grow plan -






✗ No free plan

Company plan -






✗ No free plan

Upon request, 

Starting at $70,000/year

*tools reviews are solely based on information found on Capterra.

Top 7 alternatives to Userbrain

1. UXtweak

best userbrain alternative: uxtweak

UXtweak is an all-in-one user research platform where you can conduct moderated and unmoderated user tests. and user testing. It has an extensive set of features for remote usability testing on any device(including mobile devices), prototype testing, information architecture research, and surveying. On top of this, there are additional features like participant management feature Own Database and and a Panel of Participants.

Need to conduct moderated research?

With UXtweak you can recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze user interviews or any other moderated studies directly in one platform.

Try our Freefrom Interview tool for user interviews or use Study Interviews to run any UXtweak studies moderated (eg. moderated card sorting, moderated website testing…).

Moderated testing supports multiple recruitment methods:

  • Bring your own participants
  • Access prequalified participants from a global User Panel in 130+ countries
  • Turn site visitors into participants with Onsite Recruiting
  • Use your custom panel with Own Database

Key features:

See how UXtweak studies look for the participants in these demos 👇

Try Tree Testing ✅

Tree Testing
Try Tree Testing ✅

Try Website Usability Testing 🔥

Website Testing
Try Website Usability Testing 🔥

Why choose UXtweak?

  • Think-aloud protocol – user voice their thought while completing your tests
  • Video recordings of participants’ screens and faces are available
  • User panel with 200+ profiling attributes
  • Website recruiting widget – recruit testers directly from your website
  • Very responsive and helpful professional support

Stéphanie Walter - testimonial

UXtweak cons:

  • Complex Feature Additions: The platform’s frequent addition of complex features may pose a challenge for some users.


  • The Starter plan is free for lightweight testing. Pricing options include the Plus plan for $59/month and the Business plan for $152/month (all billed annually). A customized Enterprise plan is also available.

Unsure about Userbrain? Try UXtweak!

Get access to more features and insights, clear reports, and qualified tester audiences, all with the most competitive pricing.

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2. UserTesting

UserTesting is a UX software that helps businesses gather direct feedback from users, improving their digital products and services. It facilitates unmoderated testing, interviews, surveys, and video recordings for efficient user research. User testing offers many remote user testing features that help you gain insights into user behavior.

userbrain alternatives: usertesting

Key features:

  • Website testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Prototype testing
  • Card sort & Tree test
  • Preference test
  • 5 second test
  • Survey tool
  • 1:1 interviews with testers

Why choose UserTesting?

  • Fast results
  • High degree of plan customization and high variety of features

UserTesting cons:

  • Low quality testers and low diversity of the tester panel – small non-English speaking base
  • Very high pricing
  • No monthly plan


  • Pricing is upon request but starts somewhere around $30,000/year.

💡Pro Tip

Can’t decide between UserTesting and UserZoom? Read our comparison.

3. Maze

Maze is a platform for testing and validating product designs. It lets designers and product managers test interactive prototypes and run website usability tests to ensure the best customer experiences. It also allows you to gather customer feedback with online design surveys

userbrain alternative: maze

Key features:

  • Prototype Testing
  • Website Testing
  • Survey
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree testing

Why should you use Maze?

  • short learning curve and pleasant UI
  • good for lightweight prototype testing

Maze cons:

  • doesn’t work with large or complex prototypes
  • no mobile testing and a small variety of testing methods available
  • pricing options are not very flexible


  • Starter plan: $99/month (billed annually) with one study a month available
  • Team plan (with 5 seats minimum): $1,250/month (billed annually) or $15,000/year. A custom plan is also available.

💡Pro Tip

Check out unmoderated usability testing tools article.

4. Userlytics

Userlytics is an international cloud-based usability testing platform that helps small to large businesses test various digital assets such as websites, applications, prototypes, competitors, and more with real users. The solution enables users to optimize the entire customer journey by defining the target audience.

userbrain alternatives: userlytics

Key features:

  • Multi-channel testing
  • Prototype testing
  • User testing for Mobile Apps
  • Moderated & Unmoderated Usability Testing
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree testing

Why should you try Userlytics?

  • a global participant panel of almost 2 million
  • multi-language transcripts of user interviews with hyperlinks of are available

Userlytics cons:

  • low diversity of the panel
  • high pricing


  • Plans – Pricing starts from  $3,500/year, you can choose between Enterprise, Limitless and Custom solution.
  • Free trial/ Freemium – No information available, most likely there is not. 

5. PlaybookUX

PlaybookUX is a cloud-based user experience (UX) testing solution, which helps businesses of all sizes capture and analyze customers’ digital experience with products, prototypes, and websites. They offer a 7-day free trial and also a pay-as-you-go option alongside monthly subscriptions.

userbrain alternative: playbookUX

Key features:

  • moderated and unmoderated usability testing methods
  • information architecture testing (card sorting & tree testing)
  • prototype testing
  • mobile testing
  • insights from videos (screen recording)
  • cross-browser testing
  • surveys

Why should you give it a go?

  • Amazing customer service responding within minutes. No robots, real-time people here!
  • Customizable reports
  • AI-generated audio transcriptions

PlaybookUX cons:

  • difficult to use user interface
  • steep learning curve


  • Grow Plan: $267/month and Scale Plan: $450/month, billed yearly.
  • The pay-as-you-go option starts at $59 per participant.
  • Free trial/ Freemium – Yes, a free trial is offered in the Grow Plan.

6. Userback

A defect tracking and visional feedback alternative to Userbrain called Userback makes it simple for developers to gather feedback and keep track of issues from within their apps. Record detailed responses with annotated screenshots, videos, console logs, session information, and everything else you need to solve problems more quickly.

userbrain alternatives: userback

Key features:

  • Session Replay
  • Interactive Demo
  • Video Recording
  • User Insights

Why should you give it a go?

Userback helps from the inside to find a way to effectively highlight issues and gaps in the content and to communicate these issues effectively and accurately to the development and design teams without having to explain them over and over again through different media.

Userback cons:

  • setting up an account is a difficult process
  • it doesn’t offer all the functionalities as Userbrain
  • customers have experienced platform glitches


  • Plans starts from $59/month. The Company plan is $119/month and the Premium plan is $217/month (all billed yearly.)

7. UserZoom

UserZoom is a Userbrain alternative created to assist in the gathering of actionable insights into consumer behavior by product developers and digital teams for the purpose of enhancing digital interaction with brands. By using usability testing, surveys, card sorting, and website intercepts, administrators can establish benchmarks for assessing the UX performance of all of their products.

userbrain alternative: userzoom


Key features:

  • QX score (analytics tools)
  • Usability testing (moderated and unmoderated tests)
  • Participant recruitment
  • Live intercept
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • Click testing

Why should you use UserZoom?

  • highly customizable subscription plans and custom pricing
  • easy process of recruiting participants
  • dedicated account manager for Enterprise clients

UserZoom cons:

  • not a tool for businesses with a tight budget – very pricey
  • can be hard to use and the learning curve is steep


  • Pricing is upon request. The pricing starts at around $70,000/year.

Let’s remember Userbrain

Userbrain is a cloud-based user testing tool that helps to measure and validate CX via continuous feedback, backed by real users. And here comes their biggest flaw – the testers.

Common Userbrain problems:

Problems with testers – There are more than enough customers unsatisfied with the quality of Userbrain’s testers. Some people say that it’s more of a hit-or-miss process which doesn’t sound tempting at all.

Limited features – Userbrain allows mobile and website usability testing, but not much more.

And that’s a wrap!

As you can see, all these Userbrain alternatives are pretty well done and have their pros and cons. We are so glad we could have presented you with a short sum-up of all applications that are on our radar and believe could help you. Now, if you were able to decide which one you gonna try first – our mission here is successfully completed!

If UXtweak made it to your final selection, we will be happy to welcome you on board!

Not happy with Userbrain? Try UXtweak!

Get access to more features and insights, clear reports, and qualified tester audiences, all with the most competitive pricing.

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People also ask (FAQ)

What are the best Userbrain alternatives?

The best alternatives to Userbrain are:

Among these Userbrain alternatives, UXtweak offers the best functionality/price relation, so make sure to create your free account today.

Which Userbrain alternatives offer free trials?

UXtweak and PlaybookUX offer free trials, but UXtweak has a more extensive toolkit. Make sure to create an account and try it today. 

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