Ashley Trotsky

Current position: Freelance UX Researcher

Expertise: UX Design, UX Research

Ashley Trotsky is a freelance UX researcher and designer. Ashley is a former speech-language pathologist, having over seven and a half years of experience working in healthcare. With a Bachelor of Science in Movement Science and a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, Ashley is able to utilize her unique background to empathize and communicate with a diverse background of clients in order to conduct research and implement personalized solutions. She is consistently using her client-centered mindset to support others in a creative and intentional way. 

As a UX designer and researcher, Ashley focuses on utilizing her interpersonal communication skills in order to inform her design decisions. She is passionate about bridging the gap between healthcare and technology.

User Testing

The Importance of User Testing in the Design Process

Whether you’re a UX designer, UX researcher, or anyone else in the digital product space, you might be wondering, “Why is user testing an important part of the design process?”  This article is here to answer your queries and help you seamlessly integrate user testing into your design process. Read more ...

Ashley Trotsky
10. 08. 2023