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Five Second Test with UXtweak

Five Second Test with UXtweak
UXtweak Team
•  13.10.2021
It’s all about the first impression. Learn what your users think about your website judging by the first 5 seconds with UXtweak’s new Five Second Test tool!

According to a number of studies, it only takes a couple of seconds for the user to form an opinion about your website. During these 5 seconds, your website visitors decide either to stay or to leave the page for good. 

So, how do you optimize your website for a good first impression? We are proud to launch UXtweak’s Five Second Test tool to help you do that!  

Mimic the first-time viewing experience

Each task in a five second test is aimed at finding what first impressions the users get from viewing a picture, such as your design or a web page. UXtweak’s Five Second Test tool is the perfect solution to help you find out what goes through people’s minds when they first see your product. 

Target the right audience

Set up a screening question in your study and test with the right respondents who meet your set of criteria. This will make the results much more precise and insightful. You can customize the message seen by respondents who have been rejected.

Easily share your study 

Don’t worry about not getting enough respondents! With UXtweak, you can easily share your study in many different ways. Send a link via email or ask people to join your test on social media. Set up a Recruiting Widget and get respondents directly from your website. And don’t forget to motivate your testers with a small reward. You can either enter coupons manually, or import them from a CSV file.

Another great option is to recruit testers from our 155M+ User Panel and get responses from your target demographic in minutes!

Analyze the results

UXtweak’s Five Second Test tool analyzes the results of your study through various views, each providing a different lense for looking at your data. Moreover, you can generate a custom PDF export of your study results that will include anything that you see in the web results. You can also create CSV exports for external data analysis.

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Try our new Five Second Test tool yourself! Just sign in to your UXtweak account. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll bring all the news about UXtweak right to your inbox!

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