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Recruiting Widget as an independent tool

Recruiting Widget as an independent tool
UXtweak Team
•  11.06.2021
The Recruiting Widget is a tool, which gives you the opportunity to turn regular visitors from your website into respondents in your studies.

Before, the Widget was tied to one specific study. Now that the Widget works as an independent tool, you can reuse it between different studies and manage recruitment for your studies on multiple domains in one place. This change makes recruitment more flexible! 

The Recruiting Widget is compatible with all UXtweak tools that require respondent recruitment – Website Testing, Card Sorting and Tree Testing. You can choose the color of the widget, and whether it should be displayed on the left or on the right side. If you want to chain multiple studies, you can just put the URL of the next study to redirect a respondent instead of showing them a thank-you message.

recruiting widget

Were you planning to make more studies and the recruitment made it all difficult for you? Don’t worry, with our new upgrade you won’t waste time anymore with setting up the recruiting for each of your studies. Try this new improvement by yourself, just sign into your account in UXtweak or visit the blog to learn more about UX research and design.

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