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UXtweak User Panel

UXtweak User Panel
UXtweak Team
•  13.07.2021
We know that quality usability studies rely on quality respondents. Therefore we are more than glad to announce that now we can provide you with our UXtweak User Panel with 60M+ of testers available on-demand!

Recruiting the respondents for usability testing is sometimes the hardest part of the whole study. This is where our UXtweak User Panel can save the day by connecting your business directly to the users of your platforms so you can get faster feedback at every stage. Why is that so?

Responses of exceptional quality

We understand how critical it is to give genuine, value-added insight. That’s why we have a team devoted to reviewing your data and ensuring that it fulfills our stringent requirements. 

Global reach and local expertise

  • 60 million people reached with
  • 2000+ million profile attributes from
  • 90+ countries

We can recruit panelists and receive responses as soon as you construct your tests because of our global reach and local expertise. Our 60M+ user panel lets you get responses from your target demographic in minutes or recruit your own testers for free! We often complete orders in a matter of hours, if not minutes, so you can review the results and get back to iterating designs right away.

Targeting specific demographics

Do you want to focus your studies on a specific sample of people? Then you are in a good place! UXtweak User Panel has been developed with a focus on demographic diversity. With our Panel, you can choose what age or gender are your testers, what language they speak, what’s their current location, education or household earnings, and many more criteria!

Budget-friendly solution

Usability testing does not have to be ridiculously expensive. Recruiting from our panel costs as low as 4$ per 15minutes for a tester.

So, how do I recruit respondents from the User Panel?

The User Panel allows you to easily recruit the exact audience that you need for your research. Functioning as an independent tool, the panel lets you select which study you wish to recruit for, determine whom you wish to recruit, calculate the pricing and place your order. The User Panel is compatible with all UXtweak tools that require respondent recruitment – Website Testing, Card Sorting and Tree Testing. It all just takes 5 simple steps:

  • Name your panel
  • Select the study for recruiting
  • Select the research topics
  • Create your panel order
  • Define targeting attributes

user panel


You can try our User Panel on your own, just sign in to your account in UXtweak or subscribe for our newsletter and we will bring all new UXtweak updates right to your inbox!

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