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Published on January 12, 2022

New Question Types and Features for UXtweak’s Surveys

UXtweak’s Surveys just received a handful of awesome new features! You can now create grid-like questionnaires, include images in your questions and many more!

Here’s a quick overview before you go ahead and check them out!

Support for grid questions

New question types of Radio button grid and Checkbox grid have been added. which allow you to create grid-like questionnaires inside your studies. Be sure to check these out!

Support for images in questionnaires

You can now include a cover image for any question. Moreover, new question types of Radio button with images and Checkbox select with images are now available. These allow you to directly use images as answer options for these new question types!

A handful of nifty features and UX improvements

As part of this feature update, we also included several new additions to our Surveys, including:

  • Ability to specify custom (other) option for questions with pre-defined answer options,
  • Ability to go back inside a questionnaire.


We hope these new features will come useful to you during your UX research journeys!


UXtweak Team
January 12, 2022
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