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Published on June 1, 2022

Mobile Testing with UXtweak

iOSMobile Testing
Tap into real users’ minds and find out what difficulties they have while using your mobile app. Collect their feedback and improve your mobile UX with UXtweak's new Mobile Testing tool!

Ever wanted to test your native mobile app to gain useful insights as users interact with it on their iPhones? Perhaps a TestFlight prototype, or even just some wireframes in Figma? We are proud to launch UXtweak’s Mobile Testing tool to help you accomplish exactly that!

Get a direct view of how people use your mobile app

Give users tasks that reflect their common activities in your mobile app or website. Screen and voice recordings will let you see how they interact with your product, what confuses them and what problems they face on the way to achieving their goals.

Review the advanced analytics inside the UXtweak’s app, analyze and improve!

No SDK needed

You don’t have to worry about bothering your technical team with additional development. Set up your testing in just a few steps without any SDK installations and test your mobile app with real users immediately.

Test any version of your mobile app

Involve mobile app usability testing into every phase of your development process – from prototypes, through beta versions to fully functional mobile app or mobile website.



Get 2 month of unlimited access to the tool!

Get unlimited access to our Mobile Testing tool tool, now completely free until August 1st! Test as much as you want! Just sign in to your UXtweak account. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll bring all the news about UXtweak right to your inbox!

UXtweak Team
June 1, 2022
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