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Mobile Testing

Localization support and task-specific URLs for Mobile Testing

The popular UXtweak Mobile Testing tool just received an update allowing you to conduct Mobile Testing studies fully localized into your respondents' native language. It is now also possible to set your custom Start URL for each task independently. Read more ...

AndroidMobile Testing
January 25, 2023
Mobile Testing support for Android platform

We are delighted to announce that our very popular Mobile App Usability Testing tool just received full support for testing apps, prototypes and websites on the Android platform! Read more ...

ExportsMobile Testing
November 8, 2022
PDF and CSV exports for Mobile Testing

Our increasingly popular UXtweak Mobile Testing tool just received a major update allowing you to conveniently export your study results in form of a PDF or CSV report. Read more ...

iOSMobile Testing
June 1, 2022
Mobile Testing with UXtweak

Tap into real users’ minds and find out what difficulties they have while using your mobile app. Collect their feedback and improve your mobile UX with UXtweak's new Mobile Testing tool! Read more ...