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Everything You’ve Missed in Season 1 of UX Geeks Podcast

Everything You’ve Missed in Season 1 of UX Geeks Podcast
UXtweak Team
•  23.11.2022
It’s been almost 6 months since we’ve launched the first episode of UX Geeks with Nick Morgan-Jones! Since then UXtweak and our host Tina have met and talked to 12 more amazing UX researchers, been through hours of recording and even more hours of editing.

But most importantly, we found you – an amazing audience of hundreds of listeners across the globe!💛 We are happy to see that you have been joining us every week to explore the world of UX research together, listen to our guests’ unique stories and discuss controversial topics from the UX community

Season 2 of UX Geeks is right around the corner so we decided to make a little recap of all the insights gathered in Season 1 so far. And let us tell you, there is a lot to remember! 

We’ve been through a whole Digital Healthcare Series, discovered the algorithms behind dating apps, found out what the UX Research scene looks like in Africa and even gathered some tips for landing a first UX job. What a journey!

UX Geeks Podcast

Let’s have a look at some of the most memorable moments of the past 12 episodes:

Ep. 1: Designing hearing enhancing wearables with Nick Morgan-Jones🦻

Nick Morgan-Jones, product designer and founder of Decibels, talks about fighting the social stigma connected to hearing aids by designing them as a fashionable piece of technology. 

“I don’t want hearing aids to be invisible, they can be visible. I just don’t want people to think badly of the ones wearing hearing aids. 

I have a vision that the world will look at hearing technology not as a detriment, but instead as a desirable piece of technology.” – Nick

Nick shares what inspired him to found Decibels, talks about the problem of inability to connect with people when they perceive you as “disabled” and explains how he is trying to make an impact by designing a product that makes people confident and comfortable with who they are.

Listen to Episode 1 here👇 

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Ep. 2: The art of seducing dating app algorithms with Laurie Dutheil & Jessica Pidoux💕

What happens when a sociologist who holds an engineering PhD in Digital Humanities and a dating coach from Paris meet? Jessica Pidoux and Laurie Dutheil are a dynamic duo that researches the dating app algorithms, how they work and their effects on our mental health.

They joined UX Geeks to talk about the realities of online dating – the good and the bad effects of it on people’s love lives and explain the science between Tinder algorithms.

Turns out, you not only have to know how to seduce your romantic interest but also the machine that brings 2 people together.

“ We need digital literacy. We have to learn how to approach these apps. It’s no longer about “am i successful or not”, you need skills to date online.”

Listen to Episode 2 here👇

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ux geeks podcast

Ep. 3: Mentoring the next generation of UX professionals with Kevin Liang🙋‍♀️

Kevin Liang, Senior UX Researcher, founder of Zero to UX and mentor, gave us an interview about finding his calling in teaching and helping aspiring researchers to land their dream job!

One of the most popular episodes of UX Geeks so far and we’re not surprised! 

Kevin definitely spilled a secret or two on how he trains his students to become “badass UX leaders” and what helps beginners land their first UX gig.

“The core characteristic that underpins a good researcher is humility. If we have humility we have curiosity, and we have an open mind.”

Listen to Episode 3 here👇 

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Ep. 4: The current state of UX/CX, start-up & business management with Debbie Levitt🤯

Debbie Levitt, MBA is the CXO of DeltaCX and a long-time researcher, UX strategist, designer, and mentor. Debbie talks about the current state of UX/CX and business management.

Debbie is a professional that has been in the industry for almost 28 years! She shared her thoughts on the current state of user and customer experience, advice for entrepreneurs from her experience with managing a UX business nowadays and her journey of founding a successful UX company back in the days…

“Everywhere since the dawn of time understanding things happens before designing and building things.”

Listen to Episode 4 here👇 

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Ep. 5: Building Trust in Enterprise Projects with Stéphanie Walter🤝

Stéphanie Walter is a senior UX researcher with over 12 years of experience specializing in enterprise UX. She talked about building trust in UX, her experience as a UX designer working for a large enterprise, and, surprisingly, about cranes.

“I think the main thing is and it’s something I repeat all the time, my business analysts repeat it all the time is: “Our door is always open.“”

Want to learn how to build trust and design intuitive UX for enterprise products? This episode is for you! 

Enterprise UX - Learn about UX research, design, and more...

Listen to Episode 5 here👇

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Ep. 6: Running a UX business in the Pan-African continent🌍

Half through the series we got to talk to Camille Kramer-Courbariaux, a Senegal-based entrepreneur, UX researcher, and co-founder of YUX, a pan-African UX research, and design agency. She specializes in health and education research projects and she also launched the YUX Academy, a UX design training center.

As a co-founder of a pan-African UX research and design agency, Camille talked about her journey in entrepreneurship and the way business works in Africa.

“Training and capacity building, that is key on the African continent.

I think you would howl at how many juniors we have… but that’s just how you have to run things.”

Listen to Episode 6 here👇

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Ep. 7: Conducting UX research in the Pan-African continent🔍

Elizabeth Akpan and Camille Cramer-Courbariaux, UX Geeks Podcast

And here is the second part of our UX Research in Africa series! We were so excited to learn more about our African colleagues that we decided to bring you one more UX Geeks episode, focusing solely on the State of User Research in Africa.

This time we were talking with amazing Elizabeth Akpan, a User Researcher at YUX Design Agency, and the guest from our previous episode, Camille Kramer-Courbariaux, co-founder of YUX.

After conducting their research on The State of UX Research in African Countries, girls shared some insights on how research is done in Africa, how this field evolved throughout the years, and the realities of conducting it disconnected from the “western context.”

“A lot of resources they [researchers] find are fitting to the Western context. They are good, but they might not be grounded in the African context.”

Listen to Episode 7 here👇 

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Ep. 8: Using Market Research For Better Context in UX🧐

In this episode we interviewed Michaela Mora, a senior UX researcher and a founder of Relevant Insights. Michaela talked about market research, its methods and the push towards product decisions based on research.

“You need to understand what the needs of the product are at the highest level … people don’t care about features, people care about the benefits that they get out of those features.”

Listen to Episode 8 here👇

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Ep.9: Bias-aware UX Research in Healthcare👨‍⚕️

The start of our Digital healthcare series, how exciting! For the first episode we decided to interview James Mckinnon, a human-technologist and human-centered researcher in digital health and service design. 

James talked about biases in healthcare, the digitalization of healthcare, and the “fear of finding out.”

“But the reality of it is that this is inherently a human thing. We will never get over our personal biases because we have personal experiences.”

Listen to Episode 9 here👇

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ux geeks podcast

Ep. 10: The Use of Behavioral Science in the Healthcare Space🧠

As a next guest of our Digital healthcare series we invited Sayali Phatak, a senior UX researcher working in the digital health industry. 

Prior to making the jump to industry, she did research in academia focused on designing digital solutions for health promotion and behavior change. 

“Whenever I talk to designers they think in features: this and that are the features we want to implement. But I think it’s also important to think about how a feature is influencing behavior.”

Sayali really outlined the importance of behavioral science in designing for healthcare:

“The behavioral science aspect helps you, at least in the healthcare space, maintain focus on health behavior, because, at the end of the day, we are trying to understand, predict, and influence health behavior.”

Listen to Episode 10 here👇

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Ep. 11: Healthcare digitalization and its implementation around the world💻

Tjaša Zajc is an internationally recognized digital health moderator and speaker focused on global healthcare digitalization. Brainlab put her on the list of 9 Digital Health Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2021, Health Tech listed her among 30 Healthcare IT Influencers Worth a Follow in 2021. 

So there is no wonder why we were so excited to have her in UX Geeks as one of the guests. Talking to our host Tina, Tjaša described the current situation with global healthcare digitalization and some of the main issues in healthcare.

“The less good part about telemedicine from my perspective is that if you completely move the communication to emails and to just written communication, that just hinders the relationship that you have with your doctor.”

Listen to Episode 11 here👇

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Ep. 12: Use of AI in Healthcare and the Push for Fair Research Practises in Enterprise Environments🤩

ux geeks podcast

For the last episode of the season, we felt like we should go out with a bang! 

That’s why we invited Dr. Gyles Morrison, who is a Clinical UX Strategist with 10 years history in healthcare, digital health and clinical UX. 

We talked about the pains and gains that artificial intelligence brings into healthcare, how patients need to be proactive in their own health management and what principles can help us to design inclusive products.

“We need a lot more work done in AI because, as we already noticed, and it’s a global phenomenon,

we don’t have enough clinicians providing healthcare services to patients.”

Listen to Episode 12 here👇 

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Tune in to UX Geeks on all platforms!

As you can see there’s still a lot you can listen to while waiting for the 2nd Season of UX Geeks! We are so excited to bring you more of UX Geeks and you can’t even imagine how many more inspiring UX researchers we are going to talk to in the S2.

Can’t wait to share everything we’ve prepared with you, but until then, buckle up, Season 2 is coming very soon!

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