JavaScript Developer [EN]

Published on January 25, 2021

JavaScript Developer [EN]

We're looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to join our UXtweak team. Our goal is to create the best online tool for usability testing (UX) of web pages and web applications.

Everywhere else, they tell you what you will do at work. We will tell you what you WILL NOT DO with us.

You won’t waste your time on bureaucracy

We are not a corporation, where the first week, you only wait for your laptop password. We are a startup where you will code from the first hour of your arrival.

You won’t be doing mediocre code

You won’t be creating bad code. Our customers from MIT, Oxford, Intel, O2, or OPEL will see your code. So we all will put in the effort to make the code marvelous.

You won’t have to juggle multiple tasks at once

Your colleagues won’t be bothering you every 5 minutes with different tasks, and you won’t be jumping from one thing to another. Expect one product into which you can dive and work peacefully. 

You won’t be left unguided without any help

You won’t be struggling alone with Stack overflow and groups on Slack. You will work with experienced developers, from whom you will have the opportunity to learn or consult your work.

We have a quality technological stack, which we’re constantly keeping updated. You won’t be writing a code within the black box, which may be implemented in 3 years, but you wouldn’t even know where. 

You won’t have requirements regarding your workplace

You won’t be required to work strictly from the office, neither remote. You will choose what is best for you, whether you want to work from the office in the center of Bratislava or work remotely.

You will have a great opportunity to shape and influence how the successful global product will look like with your work.

What we use:

What skills you should have:

  • You work with JavaScript & TypeScript on an advanced level,
  • you have a basic understanding of Vue.js or other JS framework
  • You have excellent knowledge of HTML + CSS (SASS) responsive design, a sense for detail, the ability to create templates that will match exactly proposals/templates from graphic designer
  • You speak English – at least on a level to be able to read the documentation

And a few things that probably interest you: 

You are interested in the salary, which we haven’t mentioned yet. We offer from 1800 to 3000 EUR a month. That will depend on your experiences and skills.

The type of work agreement is up to you. We prefer full-time or contract, but if you can push our tool forward even on a part-time, it might also work.

The choice of your workplace is up to you. If it suits you better, you can work remotely from home. If you want to be in the office, we’re waiting for you there in the center of Bratislava. Don’t expect an open-office; we have peaceful offices for four people. The hardware of your choice is a matter of course.

Don’t hesitate to send us your CV today.

A coder must be lazy in the right way. Don’t fill out lengthy forms. Just show what you can do – send us a link to Git or the best code you’ve ever made. If you prefer to do it traditionally, send us your CV.

We will contact you, and if you catch our interest, you can expect an introductory interview and a task that will test your skills.

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