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Scariest UX fails 👻
User Testing

Published on October 27, 2021

Scariest UX fails 👻

Trick or treat! Give me a UX that is neat. Don't get me lost, don't make me hate. Just give me a website I can navigate!

The spooky season’s on and in case the costumes don’t do it for you anymore, we prepared the 13 biggest UX fails to get you properly scared. Just make sure you have your tissues ready in case it makes you cry, because some of them haunt us in our everyday life and unfortunately, not only on Halloween. And we’re not an exception either, read till the end for a cherry on top. 🎃

scariest ux fails

Let’s begin with the all-time spookiest UX fails…

1. Apple’s “Accept call” buttons

They keep tricking us for some time now. Let’s be honest, who’s not scared of a brain freeze when this shows up on their screen?

ux fail

2. Windows’ passive-aggressive messaging

I love feeling the support from Windows to fail my tasks. Please, someone give them an Oscar for the best passive-aggressive messaging.

ux fail

via @cognitive_bamboozle

3. Ridiculous phone number entry forms

Just imagine trying to enter your mother’s phone number like this, when you just realized the toilet paper ran out… 💩


ux fail

ux fail

via @badbad_ux

4. Infinite dropdown menus

In case you have nothing better to do, try finding your street in this dropdown menu (and not having an outburst of anger meanwhile).

ux fail

via @badbad_ux

5. H&M sending mixed signals

Well H&M, how about you make up your mind first because that would be great, thanks.

ux fail

6. Siri’s ultra helpful translation

Wow, thanks Siri. Not I know exactly how to write ACHTUNDSECHZIG! Verdammter Scheiß…

ux fails

7. Another handy dropdown if you wish to go crazy

Entering your personal information has never been so easy! A handy dropdown, in case you forgot the numbers.

ux fail

8. WhatsApp’s super useful ‘delete message’ feature

Delete a message and pretend like nothing ever happened? Would be too easy, don’t you think? WhatsApp says let them know!

whatsup ux fails

9. Security questions that no one would get through… not even you

If my life depended on these security questions, I suppose I’d be dead by now… I sometimes have a problem remembering how old I am, how the hell am I supposed to remember my partner’s mother’s maiden name???

ux fail

via Nicole

10. Well, sh**. Is this a Squid Game? I think I’m really getting scared now. 😰

ux fails


11. Trying to get me to cancel cancelling my subscription? I’m lost already…

ux fails

12. Sorry dear, this seems like entirely your problem.

ux fails

13. And the promised cherry on top

We love making you press the ‘load more’ button endlessly after every 6 blogs. 🙂

ux fail

What do you think was the worst UX fail?

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Happy Halloweeen!



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October 27, 2021
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