The Best UX resources 2021
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Published on October 23, 2020

The Best UX resources 2021

Welcome to the list of The Best UX resources and learning materials for the year 2021. It’s for everyone, who is interested in UX. Because we can always learn new stuff during our lives, even along with our careers, it’s never too late.
  • Do you want to enter the world of UX, but don’t know where to start? 
  • Do you want to go through the basics again and take an online course? 
  • Do you want to improve in UX, but don’t know how? 
  • Do you already have some experience, but need some inspiration?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place! 

Take a look at our list of the best UX resources, which will be up to date in 2021. You will find various resources in it – well-known UX websites, UX projects, company blogs and also online courses.

Which one of these do you like the most? Let us know!

TOP Websites & Blogs

It doesn’t matter what’s your role in your team – researcher, designer, product manager or developer. Thanks to these resources, you and your product can move to the next level. We have selected the top sites and blogs about UX. 

We recommend following them on Twitter or subscribing to their newsletters to stay updated – is the leading resource for user experience (UX) best practices and guidelines, serving practitioners and students in the government and private sectors. 

Laws of UX –

Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces. It was created by 

The UX Collective –

The UX Collective is a platform built to elevate unheard design voices all over the world. Curated stories on user experience, visual and product design.

Usability Geek –

Usability Geek is a blog that provides practical and useful insights into topics like Usability, User Experience (UX), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Architecture (IA) and related fields.

A List Apart –

A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

CustomerThink –

CustomerThink is a global online community of business leaders striving to create profitable customer-centric enterprises.

Smashing Magazine –

Smashing Magazine is a website where you will find the best tips to make not only your UX design process but also the experiences you craft, to the next level. A meaningful experience that lasts. Isn’t that what we all want to achieve?

UX magazine –

UX Magazine is a free community resource exploring all facets of experience design. They work closely with practitioners and industry leaders versed in all areas of UX to provide a steady stream of engaging and useful content.

UXmatters –

UXmatters provides insights and inspiration to experienced professionals working in every aspect of User Experience, as well as those who are just beginning their journey in the field.

UX Movement –

UX Movement is an independent publication that teaches you how to design intuitive user experiences through innovative tips, techniques, and best practices.

UX Myths –

UX Myths collects the most frequent user experience misconceptions and explains why they don’t hold true. They’ll show you a lot of research findings and articles by design and usability gurus.

UX planet –

UX planet is the one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. With a useful section for beginners with UX basics.

The UX Blog – 

The UX Blog is a resource for user experience design, user research, and UX strategy. They collaborate with UX Practitioners and thought leaders from a broad array of disciplines to give their audience insightful and actionable advice that has practical application in the workplace.

UX Project Checklist – 

UX Project Checklist is a simple tool to keep in mind what you want to consider from a UX point of view while working on a project in an ongoing organisation.

NNgroup –

NNgroup (Nielsen Norman Group) is a world leader in Research-Based User Experience. They share their research findings to help designers and teams improve user experience. They are legends and one of their founders – Don Norman coined the term “User Experience”.


You can’t be a good UX specialist without a powerful tool stack. If you are not a total beginner, you must definitely be using one of the mentioned tools below. If you don’t follow their blogs, we recommend doing so, due to the high-quality content they publish. 

You will definitely improve your skills and find inspiration after some exploration. 

Adobe – 

Figma –

Sketch –

InVision –

UXpin – 

Axure – 

Online courses

Online courses are booming more than ever these days. And they are the only way to take UX classes now. This type of education may not suit everyone, but we assure you they’re worth checking out.

Here are our recommendations that could interest you:

Hack Design –

Coursera: Introduction to User Interface Design – 

Udemy: Adobe XD Professional Course – 

UX Training – 


If you think that we should mention other resources, just let us know!

UXtweak Team
October 23, 2020
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