Top 20 Upcoming UX Conferences to Attend in 2022
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Published on February 23, 2022

Top 20 Upcoming UX Conferences to Attend in 2022

Conferences are traditionally a place to learn from the best, improve and develop professionally, as well as work on our skills. Thanks to a few viruses going around, many of UX's best conferences were canceled in 2020 and 2021, but are now making a huge comeback! Let’s take a look at 20 conferences we can attend in 2022.

For purposes of clarity, we‘ve created an easy-to-understand table of contents, so you can find all the UX conferences in one place, but if you want to know more about each of them, feel free to continue reading!

* One-day event

Interaction Week 2022 

Date: March 2-4, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online

Interaction Week website:

Interaction Week 2022 is back in full swing! This year’s motto for the conference is: One year on: what have we learned? This year we can expect to see many familiar faces within the UX community: Matteo Loglio, Suné Stassen, Pablo Stanley, Laura Balboa, Ghada Wali, and Vivianne Castillo. The program includes many talks, workshops, and so much more!

Advancing Research 2022

Date: March 9-11, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online

Advancing research website:

Advancing research 2022 has been an online conference for a while now, and this year is no different. We can expect to see various professionals from the fields of UX, research, and journalism alike! These include the head of marketing for BBC World Service, Catherine Blizzard, Design program manager for Adobe, Bria Alexander, principal research manager for Microsoft Paula Bach, and many many more! So don’t forget your glasses and prepare for some learning to be done!

Nielsen Norman Group’s Virtual UX Conference 

Date: March 14-25, 2022 and April 23-29, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online

NN Virtual UX Conference website:

It should come as no surprise to anyone when we say that the leading company in UX will hold its own conference. Let me present to you the Nielsen Norman Group’s Virtual UX Conference. This conference will take place on three dates. One, unfortunately, we have already missed, however, two others are upcoming, so shut up and take my money! NN’s conferences are packed with useful information that will be presented in various courses throughout the entire conference. 

One thing that might interest you is the option to earn a UX certificate from one of the biggest industry leaders, so what are you waiting for? 

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Design Research 2022

Date: March 16-18, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online

Design Research 2022 website:

This year in Design Research, we will take a deep dive into doing research, as well as all the things that are related to design work. This conference will be held online and broadcasted directly from Sydney. We can expect to see and experience various workshops, presentations, and speakers.

IAC: Information Architecture Conference

Date: April 18-23, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online 

IAC website:

The Information Architecture Conference (or IAC for short) has taken place for more than 

23 years, and they are back again in 2022, at least virtually. Keynote speakers are Dana Chisnell, George Oates, and Ovetta Simpson. As the name implies, this conference is meant for learning about informational architecture, content structure, writing, and much much more.

ux conferences


Date: April 30-May 6, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online and in-person in New Orleans, US

CHI22 website:

Pronounced [kai], the conference will once again bring several researchers and practitioners of various ethnic and religious backgrounds under one roof to talk about human factors in computing systems and human-computer interaction. Interesting stuff! 

From Business to Buttons

Date: May 13, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person in Stockholm, Sweden

From Business to Buttons website:

This is the first in-person-only conference on our list. This year, the conference will bring together under one roof many interesting speakers from all around the globe, with various workshops you can attend to level up your UX design game. This conference will take place in a Stockholm landmark – the Cirkus in Djurgården, Stockholm, built-in 1892! 


Date: May 24-26, 2022

Where can I attend?: Hybrid; Online and in-person in New York City, US

UDXD USA website:

This year, UXDX USA is centered around the effectiveness of work, productivity, and sustainability. UXDX offers a variety of speakers, including the CTO of Buzzfeed, the product design manager for Disney Streaming, the VP of Products for Shopify, and many many more, so we can guarantee you won’t be bored. Additionally, this is the first one this year you can attend in person. Don’t worry, it will also be streamed. 

UXinsight Festival 22

Date: May 30-June 1, 2022

Where can I attend?: Hybrid; In-person in the Netherlands and online

UXinsight Festival 22 website:

As of yet, not much is known about this festival apart from it being hybrid, but you can surely expect some great talks and workshops. This has been a leading UX conference in Europe and is not about to stop now, so stay tuned for updates!


Date: June 7-11, 2022

Where can I attend?: Hybrid; In-person in Waterloo, Ontario, CA and online

Fluxible website:

Fluxible is the leading UX conference in Canada, so if you like to learn, like art, good food, as well as music, what are you waiting for? The speakers this year include the UX practice lead of the City of Philadelphia, the User Research manager at Spotify, and the Senior Director of Servicing Platform Experience at Capitol One, among many others. 

ux conferences

Pixel Pioneers

Date: Jun 10, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person in Bristol, GB

Pixel Pioneers website:

In the fourth edition of Pixel Pioneers in Bristol, we can see the talks about UX/UI design, with professionals such as Paul Boag, Val Head, and Gavin Strange, as well as many more! On the 9th of June, there will be workshops for the attendees, but the main conference will take place on Friday the 10th. 

UXPA International 2022

Date: June 21-23, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person in San Diego, US

UXPA International website:

This year’s speaker lineup is really extensive and interesting. We have multiple speakers from various companies ranging from Microsoft to Google and IBM, as well as many more. These are only just the beginning as the UXPA is in its initial stages of development, but stay tuned and see for yourself what advantages this conference can bring you.

DDX 2022

Date: 9th of July 2022

Where: Munich, Germany

DDX 2022 | UX Conference Website:

Learn how to facilitate, foster and design positive business visions in emerging innovation fields. The conference brings together leading experts in UX for startups, entrepreneurship, and designing for sustainability and health ventures from companies such as IBM, BMW, SAP, air up, and others.

User Research London 2022

Date: Sept 8-9, 2022

Where can I attend?: Hybrid; In-person in London, GB & online

User Research London website:

Unfortunately, not much is known about this conference. Because of covid-19 restrictions, the 2021 conference had to be canceled and rescheduled to 2022, however, details about this event are still scarce. Stay tuned for more info!

UXcon vienna

Date: Sept 15-16, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person; Vienna, AT

Uxcon vienna website:

This year, UXcon in Vienna will look into various pressing topics among the UX community, such as Tools & Methods, Frontend Development, Diversity & Democratization, UX Psychology, CX Strategy, Ethical Design, UX Writing Research, and Design Ops Green CX / UX. Among the many speakers, we can find UX researchers from many platforms, including, TikTok, and Instagram. Is it just us or are we all very excited?


Date: Oct 5-8, 2022

Where can I attend?: Online

Amuse website:

The first two days of the conference will be dedicated to many conference talks, and the two other days will be packed with interesting workshops for you to attend. There are tons of amazing speakers that we are waiting for this year, but those we are most excited about are the Lead of UX at Google, Rachel Ilan Simpson, and the head of Design at Adobe, Doug Powell. 

ux conferences

An Event Apart

Date: Oct 10-12, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person; Denver, US

An Event Apart website:

The speakers and schedule haven’t been finalized yet, so stay tuned!


Date: Oct 12-14, 2022

Where can I attend?: Hybrid; Dublin, IE & Online

UXDX EMEA website:

UXDX will also hold an event closer to Europe, directly in Dublin, Ireland. So get your leprechauns ready, find a clover (so much for cultural stereotypes), and get ready for one of the biggest events in UX conferencing known to humankind. Details are not yet known, but stay tuned, they are sure to announce the speakers soon!

Interact London 2022

Date: Oct 14, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person; London, UK

Interact London website:

The headliner of Interact London 2022 will be Melanie Yecken – Lead of Google UX Design, with many more familiar faces alongside her. This year’s theme is set to be Designing Tomorrow. 

UX Brighton 2022: UX and Product Management

Date: Nov 4, 2022

Where can I attend?: In-person; Brighton, UK

Interact London website:

UX Brighton 2022 will take place in Brighton Dome Central Hall and look at the relationship between product management and UX design. Super early bird tickets have already been sold out, however, early bird tickets are now available. The lineup is not yet known. 

Ready to learn? 

So, which one of these conferences are you most excited about attending? With these top 20 picks, you can really get into UX with the “best of the best” industry professionals. Learn and share your knowledge with some of the best UXers in the industry!

If you are already familiar with the basics of UX, you can always try UXtweak – a tool for everything UX and IA-related in one place. Register now for free, no credit card required. 

And if you want to learn more about UX, IA, and our tool, check out more articles on our blog!

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