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TrymyUI vs Usertesting: which one should you use in 2024

TrymyUI vs Usertesting: which one should you use in 2024
Jana Filusova
•  16.04.2023
TrymyUI (now Trymata) and UserTesting are famous tools for conducting user research. Their aims are similar, but there are also some distinctions you should know about those platforms to find the right fit specifically for your needs.

This article will help you to resemble these UX research platforms and choose the one that would be more beneficial for you. We will also introduce an alternative platform – UXtweak, which might be an even better fit for your projects.

You’ll find a structured comparison, including the advantages and disadvantages, features, and pricing scenarios of both TrymyUI and UserTesting. We will also give you insights into how customers feel about their services.

TrymyUI vs UserTesting – Key insights

👉 TrymyUI doesn’t offer card sorting, on the other hand, UserTesting offers it only on the Ultimate plan. Alternative platform – UXtweak offers card sorting on all plans. 

👉 TrymyUI’s overall score of customer satisfaction is 3.5/5, while UserTesting and UXtweak received 4.5/5 and 4.8/5 respectively.

👉 UXtweak boasts the most extensive panel of users from all over the world and the cheapest price per respondent.

👉 Each platform allows users to bring their own participants, although UserTesting charges for this service.

🐝 Register for a free account now and see for yourself!

TrymyUI’s and UserTesting’s alternative – UXtweak

UXtweak is a potential alternative to those considering using TrymyUI or UserTesting. It is a UX research platform that helps organizations of all sizes enhance the usability of their digital products, from prototypes to production.

Stéphanie Walter: UXtweak is a great platform with many tools to help me conduct user research. I am a big fan of their survey tool and I'm using it to measure perceived utility and usefulness of our enterprise tool. It's simple and easy to use. UXtweak also provides great summaries and tools to quickly help do a first analysis of the results.

UXtweak offers a comprehensive suite of UX research tools, recruitment options, and a global panel of research participants, along with a participant management solution. Furthermore, the platform offers flexible and cost-effective pricing options.

See demos of UXtweak tools, and try out how the respondents would see your studies and the analytics capabilities of UXtweak:

Try Tree Testing ✅

Tree Testing
Try Tree Testing ✅

Try Website Usability Testing 🔥

Website Testing
Try Website Usability Testing 🔥

TrymyUI vs UserTesting: Features comparison

The table above shows that both TrymyUI and UserTesting lack a lot of features compared to UXtweak. 





Website Usability Testing

Mobile Apps Testing


(iOS, Android, and TestFlight, no SDK installation required)

Prototype Testing

(only on the Ultimate plan, Adobe XD, Invision integrations)

(Compatible with Figma, InVision, Axure)

Card Sorting

(only available on Ultimate plan or as an add-on)

✓ (available on all plans)

Tree Testing


Preference Testing

First Click Testing

5 Second Testing

A/B Testing

Moderated/User Interviews


(Advanced plan and higher)

(on Enterprise plans)

conduct directly in one platform*

Session recording


Website recruiting widget

Branching logic (conditional logic)

*UXtweak offers built in features to recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze user interviews or any other moderated studies.

Need to conduct moderated research?

With UXtweak you can recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze user interviews or any other moderated studies directly in one platform.

Try our Freefrom Interview tool for user interviews or use Study Interviews to run any UXtweak studies moderated (eg. moderated card sorting, moderated website testing…).

Moderated testing supports multiple recruitment methods:

  • Bring your own participants
  • Access prequalified participants from a global User Panel in 130+ countries
  • Turn site visitors into participants with Onsite Recruiting
  • Use your custom panel with Own Database

TrymyUI vs UserTesting: Participant Recruitment and Management capabilities

The table below shows the structured comparison of participant recruitment and management capabilities of TrymyUI, UserTesting, and UXtweak.





 Price per participant

Starts at $59

Starts at $39

Starts at $10

 Panel size

500+ thousand users

400+ thousand users

155 million participants

 Country coverage


35 countries

130+ countries

Advanced Targeting criteria

✓ on Enterprise plan and higher

(2000+ attributes)

Automatic QA of responses

Expert audit

(Included with each order from User Panel)

Ability to bring your own users

(costs credit)

(for free)

Participant management solution 

Advanced plan and higher


Available on all plans

As it is evident from the table UXtweak stands out by providing the most affordable price per user and offers the most extensive panel of actual users from over 130 countries.

UXtweak offers advanced targeting criteria that enable customers to find testers that match their specific target audience, resulting in valuable insights. Additionally, UXtweak is the only platform that provides exceptional features such as expert audits for each order from the user panel. 

Try UXtweak for free!

Test your assumptions quickly, access qualified audiences worldwide, and receive clear reports - all with competitive pricing.

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TrymyUI vs UserTesting: Pricing Plans and Scenarios

The pricing plans of TrymyUI

TrymyUI offers four plans for its customers.

  1. The first one is “Team” designed for up to medium-sized teams with limited features. The “Team” plan is the only one that has a monthly billed option to pay. Starts at $333 per month.
  2. The “Enterprise” plan created for large teams with diverse needs, includes all of the advanced features and capabilities. The price starts at $1,667 per month.
  3. The “Unlimited” plan is meant to provide a comprehensive solution for organizations testing at scale according to its website. The difference is making an unlimited amount of seats compared to only up to 5 seats in the “Enterprise” plan and unlimited TrymyUI panel tester.
  4. The “Agency” plan is customizable and designed based on individual requests. Typically, it is suitable for large teams and offers a wide range of features and capabilities specifically tailored to your needs.

UserTesting’s pricing model

UserTesting offers three different pricing options.

  1. The Essential Plan is a basic option meant for gathering simple user feedback.
  2. The Advanced version is designed for comprehensive testing and research, providing all core functionalities.
  3. The Ultimate plan is a custom enterprise plan that includes advanced toolkits. The cost will vary depending on your specific requirements and will be determined after a consultation with the Sales Team. Annual plans usually begin for $50,000.

For individual researchers and small business owners, Essentials or Advanced may be suitable options, while research teams might prefer the Ultimate plan which offers additional features.

UXtweak pricing plans

At UXtweak, we offer flexible monthly subscription plans that can be easily canceled at any time. UXtweak offers four different plans:

Starter plan

UXtweak is the only one in the comparison that offers a completely free plan. This plan is ideal for small projects and serves as an excellent opportunity to explore and test all of our available tools.

Plus plan

Designed for individual researchers, the price for this service is $59 per month. The “Plus” plan differs from the “Starter” plan by offering longer data retention, a larger number of concurrent active studies, and a greater capacity for responses.

Business plan

This is a suitable option for many small and mid-sized organizations. It enables an unlimited number of studies and tasks with a capacity of up to 1,000 responses per month. It supports up to 9 users, with pricing starting from $151 per month.

Enterprise plan

Our services offer customization options and premium features such as top-priority customer support, assistance from UX research professionals, discounted User Panel orders, Single Sign-On (SSO), training, and custom limits to meet the needs of any organization.

Enterprise plans can be obtained upon request, with a starting price of $5000 per year. For more information, please contact us and one of our Product experts will be in touch with you.

All of our plans provide access to all research tools. You can find more detailed information on our pricing page.

TrymyUI vs UserTesting : Customer Reviews

The ratings are from the well-known review platform – Capterra where users provide their honest feedback about softwares and platforms. The table clearly shows that UserTesting and UXtweak have earned loyalty by providing a high-level customer experience, while TrymyUI is on an average level.




Overall Score




Ease of Use




Customer Service




Value for money




Leading scores on all of the categories belong to UXtweak, which makes it the most reasonable option in this comparison.

Juraj Beskid: Thanks to UXtweak, we can test our assumptions quickly, access broad and qualified audiences almost anywhere in the world, and receive a clear reporting of the findings - and still with the most competitive pricing on the market.


TrymyUI and UserTesting are top UX platforms for enhancing user experiences and gathering insights into user behavior. They offer various features for product development, from prototypes to products.

Both TrymyUI and UserTesting are great options considering the number of features and their prices. However, if you want a more comprehensive UX tool and explore alternative options, you might want to check out UXtweak.

Switch to UXtweak today!

Test your assumptions quickly, access qualified audiences worldwide, and receive clear reports - all with competitive pricing.

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People also ask

How can I switch from my current platform to UXtweak?

Register for a free account at UXtweak, choose a plan that works for you, subscribe, and start your UX research or get in touch with our product experts to discuss your needs.

I already have an active subscription to another platform, but want to try UXtweak, what can I do?

If you’re currently subscribed to any other platform, but want to explore what UXtweak has to offer, we have a special deal for you. We understand that contractual commitments can be a barrier to switching, which is why we’re providing free access to UXtweak for the remaining duration of your existing subscription.

There is no need to worry about extra costs or initiating a new procurement process. Simply reach out to us at sales@uxtweak.com, and we’ll set you up so you can start enjoying UXtweak right away!

What is TrymyUI?

TrymyUI (now Trymata) is a well-known software that provides usability testing toolkits to help organisations to improve their websites and apps.

What is UserTesting?

UserTesting is a platform for obtaining real-time feedback from target audiences. It’s a popular tool used by UX researchers, to better understand user experiences and improve products or services accordingly. Businesses can create custom tests for their websites, apps, or other digital products, and then have real individuals interact with them while providing verbal and written feedback.

If you are looking for a wider toolkit and more affordable plans read about the best UserTesting alternatives.

Why I should choose UXtweak?

UXtweak is an all-in-one user research and usability testing platform similar to Userlytics and UserTesting. It offers robust usability testing tools, tools for user behavior analytics, and information architecture research for websites and web apps, prototype and mobile applications.

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