5 Best UserTesting alternatives
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Published on July 2, 2021

5 Best UserTesting alternatives

It's not easy to choose the best platform for improving your website's UX. And even if you do choose a great platform, like UserTesting for example, you may still face some unexpected issues. But don't be concerned! We created this article with a pricing and feature comparison of some of the UserTesting alternatives to help you evaluate your options.

If you’re looking for UserTesting alternatives, you’re probably already familiar with this platform. In case you are not, UserTesting is a US-based company that offers an online platform for gathering rapid customer experience feedback with the help of various research methods.

The platform makes it simple for you to get to know your users, watching them interact with your product, learn more about them, and collect data for future improvements. Being one of the most popular platforms on the market, UserTesting for sure has its advantages.

Here are the reasons people may choose UserTesting:

Large pool of respondents

Judging by their own statistics, their user panel has roughly 2 million members.

Fast results

Thanks to a large number of responders available, you can get all the results of your study in the shortest amount of time. However, just like everything else in this world, UserTesting isn’t a perfect tool, and there are several downsides that may stop you from using it in your research. Although it is a solid platform for testing your customers, it is definitely not for everyone.

These are 3 main reasons why users look for an alternative to UserTesting:

Unqualified respondents

The biggest and the most noticed disadvantage of the platform is a big number of unhelpful respondents. As well as UserTesting offers a handful of participants in their pool, it seems that a solid part of them is not qualified for attending serious research. Some respondents are impatient, cheat or just appear inactive, which really messes up the whole impression of the testing experience.

Weak reports

People often say UserTesting’s reports are hard to read and analyze. This is a huge downside when it comes to summarizing and evaluating the research data. Some even claim the results to be inaccurate and sometimes lead to technical errors.

Pricing model

And the last thing that has already made so many people reconsider their choice of testing platform is UserTesting’s pricing. For some unknown reason, the pricing options are far from being user-friendly. With their basic plan, you can only test 15 participants. If you need more (which you probably do for good research), you will have to contact their sales team and get an Enterprise plan with customized pricing.

So what are the best alternatives to UserTesting?

We created a list of great tools you can try instead of UserTesting. These are the platforms that we personally recommend, as they have already been proven to be successful by a large number of people and can provide you with some fantastic information!

  1. UXtweak
  2. Lookback.io
  3. Userbrain
  4. Userlytics
  5. UserZoom

Let’s take a closer look at each of them to choose the right one for your case:


UXtweak provides powerful tools for usability testing of websites and web apps, from prototypes to production, including information architecture research and user behavior analytics. This platform has everything you need and more combined in one place.

Usertesting alternatives

Advantages of UXtweak:

  • Advanced analytics that are easy to read – UXtweak offers a variety of data visualizations that will give you plenty of insights about your users’ behavior. Furthermore, you can include screening questions to make the analysis even easier.
  • Lots of unique features – Recruiting widget to turn a real site visitor into website testers, a Built-in reward feature to motivate respondents, a Think-aloud protocol to collect audio feedback using their microphones, or a Crowd Feedback allowing users to submit and vote for ideas of others to improve the website and more.
  • Unlimited studies – With UXtweak you can test as much as you want even using our free plan. 
  • More tools – Usability testing, card sorting, tree testing and session recording 
  • More language options – Tweak currently supports English, German, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and French with more languages on the way

Pricing comparison:

While UserTesting is too pricey and complicated, UXtweak offers a variety of plans for any type of project. Our free plan is unlimited in time for small projects. You can also choose a pro plan only for 100€/month or build an individual plan that will suit your needs. Judging by these numbers we can say that UXtweak is one of the most affordable user testing platforms out there, which makes it a great UserTesting alternative. See for yourself! Create a free account now and choose one of the plans which suits you the best!

2. Lookback.io

Another great platform to run moderated and unmoderated user tests online is Lookback. This tool is a perfect alternative to UserTesting, especially if you don’t need any extra help with recruiting the participants.

Usertesting alternatives

Advantages of Lookback:

  • Stakeholder observations – Lookback allows multiple people to observe your study and take their own notes.
  • Live broadcasts – Lookback has a specific feature you can use to broadcast your studies to colleagues and discuss them in live mode.
  • Unlimited participants 

Disadvantages of Lookback:

  • Poor connection – Noted by multiple users, connection drops may occur.
  • No user panel – Lookback is a tool for you if you already gathered the participants for your study, as it does not provide assistance with that.
  • Problems with the mobile version and IOS testing 

Pricing comparison:

Lookback doesn’t have a free plan, however, they do offer a free 14-day trial. After that their prices start from $99 per month with a limit of 100 sessions per year. Their professional “Insights Hub” plan is $229 per month.

3. Userbrain

Userbrain is known for its no-strings-attached plans and relatively low costs. They’re new to the market and don’t offer anything extra, but it’s a nice UserTesting alternative when you need to run some basic unmoderated prototype testing.

Usertesting alternatives

Advantages of UserBrain:

  • Quick insights – You can get results in a matter of hours.
  • No commitment – UserBrain has a pay-as-you-go option where you may pay for a single test without having to commit to a monthly subscription..

Disadvantages of UserBrain:

  • Customer service – There’ve been several complaints that customer service is not very responsive and is quite slow.
  • Limited demographics – UserBrain’s demographics section might be improved to provide additional information about your testers. You can currently filter by age, gender, location, and device type. It’s also worth noting that you can’t choose testers from specific cities or provinces.
  • Basic analytics – This platform provides you with only some basic test results. They might not be the best option if you’re searching for deep insights into your users’ behavior.

Pricing comparison:

The prices at UserBrain are pretty reasonable and a lot cheaper than UserTesting. You can either pay $29 for each test or $19 per user test for a monthly subscription.


Userlytics is another good option for user testing. They are known for their wide range of functionalities and competitive pricing model. A great platform to keep in mind, especially if visual aspects of the tool don’t matter for you as their UI is quite old-fashioned.

Usertesting alternatives

Advantages of Userlytics:

  • Automated and multilingual transcriptions – you can get AI-generated transcriptions of your tests.
  • Worldwide participant panel – their respondent pool is huge and offers profound targeting allowing you to reach different kinds of user personas anywhere in the world.
  • Functionality – in addition to all the basic testing features they offer, Userlytics also has card sorting and tree testing

Disadvantages of Userlytics:

  • No PDF reports
  • Old-fashioned UI – their user interface could use some improvements as it is outdated and not very intuitive
  • Audio issues – several clients reported audio issues during testing and claimed the process to be a little bit too slow.

Pricing comparison:

Compared to UserTesting, Userlytics have some great pricing options. It’s a lot cheaper, basic Quick & Easy plan is $49 per participant and Enterprise plan is $69 per participant. They also have an option of customized pricing.

5. UserZoom

UserZoom is another alternative option for UserTesting for both moderated and unmoderated usability testing. They offer similar tools to UXtweak for analyzing your website’s information architecture, however, they are a little more expensive.

best usertesting alternatives

Advantages of UserZoom:

  • Wide range of features – from card sorts to advanced usability tests.
  • Large user panel – You won’t have to worry about getting enough participants for your tests.
  • Fast results

Disadvantages of UserZoom:

  • Can be hard to use  – The UI of the platform is quite challenging and is not the best choice for a complete beginner.
  • Study instructions are both detailed and confusing for the testers
  • Quite expensive compared to some other alternatives

Pricing comparison:

UserZoom’s pricing is a little bit more expensive than UsetTesting, therefore it may not be the best choice if your company is on a tight budget. Their Experience plan for small teams is $500 and allows a limit of 40 studies each year. A $1000 Pro package is available, as well as a customized pricing solution.

The more you try the more you learn

Finding the perfect usability testing platform for your needs might seem extremely difficult sometimes. Our first pick does not always live up to the high expectations we set, which is why having alternatives is so beneficial.

That’s why we are here for you and always ready to change the way users perceive your website for the best. Run your first test with UXtweak today and let your customers decide what works best for them!

Daria Krasovskaya
July 2, 2021
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