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Video Survey: Ultimate Guide to Elevate User Insights

Video Survey: Ultimate Guide to Elevate User Insights
Elena Mitsiou
•  11.01.2024
If you are looking to gain juicy user insights, integrating a video survey into your user research might be the answer! In this article, we have collated everything you need to know about video surveys including a step-by-step guide on how you can start integrating them into your user research.

If you are looking to gain juicy user insights, integrating a video survey into your user research might be the answer! In this article, we have collated everything you need to know about video surveys including a step-by-step guide on how you can start integrating them into your user research.

Video surveys are the next big thing in user research so do not let your company fall behind on this user research trend. Contrary to a traditional survey, a video survey allows for more dynamic and personalized user feedback that captures far beyond words! If you are curious to learn more, just keep reading.

What Is a Video Survey?

A video survey is a highly interactive method to collect user feedback and insights, where users record video responses instead of responding through traditional survey methods.

Harnessing the convenience of smartphones, such surveys are a fun and interactive way to collect proactive feedback about a brand experience or a product feature. On top of being a super fun process, this particular method goes the extra mile as it allows for deeper user insights that are captured by non-verbal cues stretching beyond the participants’ verbal responses.

Why Should You Use a Video Survey?

video survey

Video surveys are increasingly becoming an integral part of every robust user research strategy. A video survey can become a great tool in every UX professional’s arsenal to address any known knowledge gaps when it comes to user behavior. But what makes video surveys stand out?

Video questionnaires allow for deep qualitative data that go beyond statistics. Every participant has a story to tell and video surveys serve this exact purpose; offering companies a unique chance to uncover the intricacies of the behaviors of their consumers and make data-driven decisions about the future of their brand or product.

Benefits of Video Surveys

A video questionnaire, apart from being a great way to revamp your old user research strategy can also have a host of advantages:

  • Deeper Qualitative Data

Video surveys offer a unique opportunity for the user researcher to capture non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and body language. In turn, this provides a more comprehensive understanding of the user behavior.

  • Contextual Insights

Another great advantage of a video questionnaire is the fact that it allows for contextual insights. Respondents can be observed in their natural environment providing the user researcher with critical contextual information when it comes to product usage.

  • Better Engagement

Video surveys can be perceived as more fun to complete than traditional surveys. On top, their interactive nature fosters higher engagement and hence more genuine responses.

  • International Reach

Using a video survey can enable user researchers to reach a more diverse audience surpassing the time zone and location constraints. This can be hugely beneficial for companies with global reach.

  • Personalized Experience

In our era, personalization is key and this is no different for user research. Video questionnaires can offer a more humane and personalised customer experience to the respondents allowing for more genuine data.

  • Innovative Brand

User research is yet another touchpoint with your audience and every touch point matters. Video surveys can give your brand a more innovative outlook so do not miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your brand image through cutting-edge user research tactics!

  • Time and Cost Efficiency

When compared to similar qualitative data collection methods like user interviews or contextual inquiries, video surveys are a cost-effective solution that can save you a ton of time and resources while allowing for quality data.

  • Accessibility

Last but not least, a video survey is a great tool to ensure that accessibility is a top priority when it comes to user research. This highly accessible data collection method fosters inclusivity as it caters to different accessibility needs.

When to Conduct a Video Survey?

video survey

If you are unsure when to ditch your traditional survey methodologies and incorporate a video survey into your research strategy, here is a comprehensive list of scenarios where video surveys might be your go-to solution:

When looking for complex responses

Using a video questionnaire can be a great tool to capture more complex responses on a tight budget! The video element of this method allows for more nuanced emotions to be captured where words do not suffice.

When looking for cost-effective alternatives to observational studies

Video surveys can be a great cost-efficient alternative to contextual inquiries or other observation studies where the user researcher wants to understand how a service is perceived or a product is used in real-world settings.

When conducting remote research

A video survey is a well-suited tool when it comes to conducting remote research. This method allows researchers to collect data from a more diverse and geographically dispersed base of participants.

When conducting brand or product perception studies

Video questionnaires are a powerful tool when it comes to conducting brand perception studies. The interactive nature of the video fosters a sense of collaboration and allows participants to better articulate their thoughts about a brand or product.

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Professions that Benefit Most

If you think that video surveys can only be beneficial to UX professionals, think twice!

Here are some of the professions that can benefit from integrating video surveys into their strategies:

Market Researchers

Video surveys can work wonders for professionals in the market research field. A video survey can be a great way to study consumer behavior and uncover more juicy insights about the market that they are researching, especially when it comes to product preferences.

Human Resources Professionals

Human resource professionals can also greatly benefit from the use of video questionnaires. In this context, video surveys can be used to gauge the employee’s perception of the workplace which will help them formulate a data-driven employee branding strategy.

Branding Professionals

Marketing professionals who specialize in branding can also reap the benefits of the video survey methodology! How? Branding professionals can employ video surveys to get brand perception insights and refine their branding strategies.

Guide On Integrating Video Surveys In Research

video survey

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that will help you effectively integrate video surveys into your research studies:

1. Set the Study Goals

Like with every other data collection method, the first step when it comes to incorporating video questionnaires into your research strategy is to set clear goals and objectives for your study.

2. Identify Target Participants

Once you have clearly defined the goals and desirable outcomes of your video survey you need to determine your target audience. This is the time when you need to pin down your user personas which will guide the recruitment of the participants of your study.

3. Recruit Participants

Next up is participant recruitment. This can be a challenging and time-consuming part of the plan but fear not. Platforms like UXTweak can help you streamline the process by tapping into their user panels.

In particular, UXtweak can help you recruit the right people and get access to panelists from more than 130 countries from this 155M+ User Panel.

See how easy it is in this quick video 👇

4. Choose a Video Survey Platform

Choose the video survey platform that best aligns with your needs and start designing the survey having the user in mind! Make sure that the navigation is easy and that the participants can record their responses on various devices, including smartphones.

5. Design Video Survey Questions

Once you have chosen the appropriate video survey platform it is time to start designing your survey questions. Make sure those are concise and unbiased and that they align with the goals of the study.

💡Pro Tip

Make sure to include some practice questions to allow participants to become familiar with the video recording before they commit to the actual video survey.

6. Pilot Test the Video Survey

Now that the questions are ready you are also ready to run a pilot test. Running a test will help you identify any areas of improvement, get feedback on the survey design, and refine the study before fully launching your survey.

7. Launch the Video Survey

Once you have made any necessary adjustments based on the feedback gathered from your pilot test, you are now ready to launch your video questionnaire. Do not forget to regularly monitor the responses to ensure a smoother data collection and be able to address any technical issues early on.

Best Video Survey Questions

video survey questions

While there is no magic recipe for crafting winning video survey questions, following these tips can have a huge impact on your survey studies.

First things first, make sure that the video questionnaire questions are aligned with the goals of the research study. Do not forget to throw a bunch of open-ended questions in the mix as those will prompt the users to give more comprehensive video responses than simply replying yes or no! Last but not least, steer away from leading questions as those can result in biased answers that can dilute the quality of your data.

Here we are sharing some of our top video survey questions:

1. Can you briefly share your experience with the product or service?

Why we like this question: This is a great introductory, open-ended question that allows respondents to share their experiences in their unique way. What’s more, it is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the survey.

2. In what scenarios do you typically use the product or service?

Why we like this question: This is a great way to get deep insights into the problems that your product or service addresses and potentially identify unmet needs.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the x product and why?

Why we like this question: This is a great way to gather quantitative data backed up by the power of an open-ended question where participants can further elaborate on the why behind their rating!

4. Are there any particular areas of the product that stood out for you?

Why we like this question: This is an excellent ‘feature feedback’ question that can allow you to get an understanding of the areas of the product or service that are working well as well as potential areas of improvement.

5. Can you share any suggestions for improvement based on your experience?

Why we like this question: This is a great open-ended question that can provide actionable insights about unmet needs or areas of improvement.

Top Video Survey Tools for Better Insights

Here are our top 7 video survey tools to gather juicy user insights:

1. UXtweak

video survey tool

UXtweak is a hugely versatile and robust user researcher platform that can be a game changer for your video survey! UXtweak’s online survey tool allows for video questionnaires on the fly, featuring customizable logo and branding options, survey design, and data analysis.

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2. SurveyMonkey

video survey

SurveyMonkey is another comprehensive online survey tool that offers the option of adding video questions. SurveyMonkey is popular for its user-friendly interface and customizable survey options.

3. Qualtrics

video survey

Qualtrics is yet another popular survey platform that supports video questionnaires. This is a robust tool featuring very comprehensive data analytics.

4. Lookback

video survey

Lookback is a slick user research platform that supports video surveys through its recorded video session feature!

5. Discuss.io

video survey tools

Discuss.io is a great market research tool that also supports video surveys as it enables users to conduct asynchronous surveys.

6. Askable

video survey tools

Askable is a comprehensive research platform that features video surveys. This platform goes the extra mile as it also offers participant recruitment!

💡Pro Tip

Check out user research tools 2024 article and learn about their features. 

To Sum Up

Including video surveys in your user research strategy can take your study to the next level offering a more personalized approach to data collection!

Video surveys can be a game changer especially when you are looking to get deeper qualitative insights and contextual insights in a remote setting. This innovative methodology can have a host of advantages including but not limited to a more positive brand image as well as more cost and time-effective user research studies that get quality results.

UX professionals are not the only that can reap the benefits of video questionnaires. HR professionals, market researchers, and brand specialists are among the professions that can take advantage of this powerful tool.

If you are looking to integrate video surveys into your strategy, UXtweak can help you embrace the future and unlock a wealth of user insights!

Register for your free account and start conducting surveys today!

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