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How Creative Optimization Can Double Your Website Visitors

How Creative Optimization Can Double Your Website Visitors
Daria Krasovskaya
•  01.11.2022
In this blog, we'll discuss how creative optimization can, in fact, double the number of website visitors for your brand.

71% of customers prefer tailored ads, which increases the click-through rate (CTR). 

Therefore, it’s simple to state that relevant adverts are essential for effective digital advertising. This is where dynamic creative optimization (DCO) steps in. It utilizes ad tech and data, providing advertisers with relevant information, required for targeted advertising.  

Data sources may contain audience demographics like gadgets, location, interests, dialect, and internet usage, among others. When advertisements are targeted as per user preferences, it automatically translates to increased website traffic. 

8 ways in which creative optimization can multiply website traffic for your brand

All consumer journeys are different, and creative optimization enables your brand to get ready for this. Data-informed ad design reduces a time-consuming setup, scales it, gathers metrics, and performs automated keyword optimizations — resulting in boosted traffic to your website. Let’s see how.

creative optimization

1. Creation of personalized, optimized, and relevant ads

Users above the age of 50 mightn’t be interested in similar materials as their contemporaries. A 50-year-old may enjoy baking, but a younger person might be more interested in vegan-friendly baked goods.

It can lead to a hit-or-miss ad campaign when you make a simple advertisement that’s related to your bakery and its food blog section. Even though you split your target market to avoid this error, you could still overlook some audience segments.

Using creative optimization, you can build an advertising campaign that appeals to your target market. The approach lessens your chances of creating ads that appear to be spam or offer zero value addition to your buyers.

Personalizing your advertising strategy does more than simply attract satisfied customers. Considering that 77% of consumers are more inclined to choose or spend more in a company that offers a tailored experience, investment in DCO also aids in the achievement of your sales expectations.

Personalization greatly influences how people choose to shop. According to studies, tailored adverts are directly related to increased web traffic – translating to satisfying shopping occasions and increased sales. Hence, it makes sense to include creative optimization in your business model if you want to meet or surpass your objectives.

Illustration of how creative optimization leads to personalization and increased web traffic


Consider this fictitious example to see how creative optimization functions:

Suppose you own an eatery. When a customer just wakes up late and looks through their smartphone, they come upon a restaurant advertisement. Your brand’s application for creative optimization utilizes the customer’s IP address to determine the time of day and shows an ad for brunch at the eatery.

Let’s now check another case. A consumer is freezing and covered with snow. By highlighting your restaurant’s coffee selection, which may be appealing to consumers trying to acclimatize to the chilly winter afternoon, the advertisement becomes more context-sensitive.

As you can see, creative optimization leverages data on user behavior, preferences, location, etc. to optimize a person’s ad experiences rather than providing a generic advertisement. 

For instance, a user reading a trip commercial with DCO advertising benefits from a significantly more tailored advertisement. The ad offers airfares for airlines that fly to the destination the customer wants to visit, not just any airfare.

While this is happening, a retail company using creative optimization can showcase products and materials useful for a forthcoming do-it-yourself DIY project. The advertisement may look up a user’s browser history to find out which tools they looked at for the project.

In short, creative optimization enables you to create a personalized and unique ad for each individual in your market, regardless of what your company sells. You may give everybody in your marketplace a distinct experience, thanks to DCO, which will increase traffic, sales, and profits.

2. Increased advert speed

When it’s time to launch a good advertising campaign, perseverance is essential. It makes sense to be skeptical when you learn of a marketing solution that speeds up your ad campaigns and produces results quickly. Fortunately, creative optimization gives maximal ad performance in addition to an instant impact.

You gain from deploying this effective advertising technique in two different ways. It offers users a quick and tailored experience whenever your company chooses which data to gather in a design. Producing advertising that’s most appropriate for each customer improves marketing effectiveness

In the end, you make the most of your advertising possibilities while ensuring that people who read your ads have the best possible browsing experience. Hence, they return to your website to replicate the feel, leading to enhanced web traffic.

3. Automated hand-free operation

creative optimization

Time is money. You must carefully consider how to allocate the time and resources from your advertising budget as a firm. Creative optimization delivers hands-free automation, so you don’t need to pay it much consideration.

It’ll manage the remainder of the optimization process if you automate it. With minimal to no effort on your part, the tech employed in this approach accumulates data to guarantee the best-performing content – visited by the maximum number of users. But it’s crucial that your team keep an eye on the effectiveness of your advertising effort.

4. Improved brand recognition

Perhaps you wish to leave a strong first impression when attempting to communicate with an emerging market group. You may talk to the requirements, pain spots, etc. of distinct people with intelligent and customized messaging. It makes customers feel more like a part of your brand. 

According to studies, people are almost two times more likely to engage with a tailored advertisement for an unfamiliar product or brand. 

Creative optimization aids brands in scaling when it relates to the different kinds of distinctive, tailored marketing. Since the information is so pertinent, the user is more inclined to empathize with the communication. Consequently, there is a higher likelihood that consumers will click on the advertisement.

5. Minimal ad fatigue

creative optimization

People experience ad fatigue if they view your advertisements frequently with exactly similar creatives. 

As a result of repeated exposure, the customer would eventually grow indifferent to your attempts and be inclined to ignore them. Reduced clicks and engagements result from this, which eventually results in a weaker return on the advertising budget.

Creative optimization allows you endless permutations of adverts, keeping it interesting for your customers. Now, when your ads are relevant, they’ll not act as a hindrance to your customer’s web-browsing activities. 

On the contrary, users will check out your advertisement in the hope of important information. This translates to a seamless user experience (UX) design, leading to consistent and enhanced website traffic.

6. Savings in terms of time and money

Social adverts employ automation to reuse your social media content into display ads, saving you money and time by avoiding the need to hire a designer to create brand-new ad copy. Creative optimization is comparable to that. 

Great designs would still be created by your design team and copywriters. However, once the creation process is complete, they’ll turn the production over to DCO tech. 

When using conventional A/B testing, you can only test a single tiny aspect of the advertisement at once. A/B tests are labor-intensive, manual, and restricted to particular factors (creative, audience). Using creative optimization, you can hasten the creative process right now. As an illustration of how vital this is, Digital Silk, a well-known branding company, employs A/B testing at every level of its branding services or marketing process.

A great and sometimes more suitable alternative for A/B testing are Preference Tests.

You’ll be capable of reducing wasted ad expenditure with automated and effective advertising and improved CTR. You wouldn’t be attempting to catch everyone with a broad net. As an alternative, you’ll have carefully positioned nets with specialized baits to catch larger fishes!

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7. Effective product campaigns and data feeds

The usage of data streams is one of the fundamental characteristics that set creative optimization apart. In a nutshell, data feeds offer the knowledge required to display materials in your adverts. Without the requirement for re-uploads and version control, they’re the quickest and easiest option to mass upload product details to your ads and promotions. 

Real-time dynamic advertising distribution is done through data feeds, which make use of things like commodity and location data. Creative optimization technology has become more adaptable and independent, thanks to technological advancements. As a result, the process is made simpler, and a straightforward CSV file transfer of an Excel spreadsheet will do the trick.

8. Real-time ad response

Creative optimization adjusts and conforms to customer actions in real life and displays customized dynamic advertising as opposed to a typical static advertising strategy. Fast data collection, personalized ad creation, and targeting of distinct consumer audiences are all capabilities of dynamic creative technology. 

The crucial factor, in this case, is that customers are constantly presented with the most pertinent advertisements, creating a win-win scenario for both the marketer and the consumer. It accelerates the advertising workflow and produces rapid results. It streamlines the creative components of ad development so you can focus on growing your business rather than creating ads. 

Want to make more intelligent advertisements with creative optimization?

Smart work, not hard labor is what you desire to accomplish when you start an ad campaign. You may develop an effective marketing campaign that is performance- and data-driven using dynamic creative optimization technologies.

The tech will improve your campaign performance by tailoring and customizing ads to various users in order to take into account user behavior

Essentially, creative optimization technology enables companies to concentrate on their core business operations while enhancing the client experience through targeted marketing. And while you’re at it, register for your free UXtweak account and find out what your users really want and need.

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