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Maze vs UXtweak: Which is the better tool?

Maze vs UXtweak: Which is the better tool?
Viktoria Kakosova
•  06.10.2023
Are you a Maze user and have become dissatisfied with the platform? Or are you seeking an alternative to Maze with similar (even better) capabilities and friendlier pricing? UXtweak might just be a perfect tool for you! Read our in-depth Maze vs UXtweak comparison.

Maze has recently updated its pricing structure, while the features it offers have stayed largely the same. This has led to many customers seeking an alternative platform and we believe UXtweak is a great solution. See for yourself in this in-depth Maze vs UXtweak comparison.

Key Takeaways

➡️ UXtweak offers all the tools of Maze and more 

➡️ Both offer access to a panel of participants, a participant management solution, and the option to bring your own participants for free

➡️ UXtweak offers advanced targeting on all plans (130+ countries, 2000+ profiling attributes), Maze only on its most expensive Organization plan

➡️ Maze has restricting limits regarding the number of studies on all plans, UXtweak offers unlimited studies on all plans

➡️ UXtweak plans offer more tools at a lower price, offering better value for money 

➡️ Reviews score average at 4.8/5 for UXtweak and 4.5/5 for Maze

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Disclaimer: Yes, UXtweak is our platform, but we firmly believe that UXtweak offers a great alternative to those looking for a Maze alternative. As we will demonstrate in this article.

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Maze vs UXtweak: Features and Capabilities

In the table below we compared the main tools and features both platforms have to offer.



Website Testing

Prototype Testing

Mobile Testing

you can test apps from App Store/Google Play, TestFlight, APK, and more

Card Sorting


Open (in Team an Organization plan)




(all available in all plans)

Tree Testing

Preference Testing

Survey (with conditional logic)

In the Starter plan and higher

In all plans

First Click Testing

Five Second Testing

Session recordings + Heatmaps

Video Recordings (Clips)

Available only when testing with your own participants

Available when you order participants from the user panel and when testing with your own participants

Participant management solution


(Own Database)

User Panel

Testers form 130+ countries, 2000+ profiling attributes

Advanced Targeting Criteria

Only in Organization plan

Targeting on other plans only by basic demographics (Country, Age, Sex) 

Advanced targeting (2000+ profiling attributes) of testers from all over the world available in all plans

Custom branding

Only in the highest Organization plan

Customizable branding in all paid plans

Password protection of studies

Only in the Organization plan

In all paid plans

As you can see the toolkit of UXtweak is more varied. More features and capabilities are also available in all plans, unlike in Maze which often saves important features only for the highest Organization plan.

👀 Looking to Switch to UXtweak but Locked into Maze subscription?

If you’re currently subscribed to Maze but want to explore what UXtweak has to offer, we have a special deal for you! We will provide free access to UXtweak for the remaining duration of your Maze subscription.

No need to worry about extra costs or initiating a new procurement process. Simply reach out to us at sales@uxtweak.com, and we’ll set you up.

Maze vs UXtweak: User Reviews

The user reviews are based on user feedback from the renowned software review platform Capterra.



Overall Score



Ease of Use



Customer Service



Value for money



Pros of Maze:

  • Good prototype testing tool for simple prototypes with integration with many prototyping tools
  • AI functions like sentiment analysis to aid you in analyzing results

The main cons of Maze people complain about:

Many customers are relatively satisfied with Maze, however, there is a considerable amount of people that have some issues with the software. The most often mentioned cons of Maze are:

  • Poor targeting options
  • Limited research features
  • Trouble with testing larger prototypes

Maze user review

Source: G2.com

Maze vs UXtweak: Maze user review

Source: G2.com

The main pros of UXtweak:

  • A large variety of tools with the best capabilities
  • Access to a broad and qualified tester pool on all plans
  • Automatic QA of responses ordered from the panel and expert audit of the study included with every recruiting order
  • Unlimited number of studies
  • Expert support with fast response times
  • Clear and easy-to-understand reports
  • Competitive pricing

Cons of UXtweak:

  • It takes some time to learn how to navigate the dashboard

Maze vs UXtweak: UXtweak review

Source: G2.com

Maze vs UXtweak: Pricing and Plans

First, let’s look at the basic pricing structure (all billed annually) and then we will explore some common use cases when it comes to buying the subscriptions.

Maze pricing:

  • Starter plan – $1,188/year ($99/month)
  • Team plan –  $15,000/year ($1,250/month)
  • Organization plan – custom

The Starter plan in Maze offers allows only 1 study/month, which in our opinion makes it hardly usable for serious freelance or solo UX researchers.

The Team plan, on the other hand, is a big jump in scope (and price) with a minimum of 5 seats/licenses and still only 20 studies per year.

UXtweak Pricing:

  • Free Starter plan for small studies (no time limit)
  • Plus plan – $49 / month
  • Business plan – $144 / month
  • Enterprise Plan – custom 

All paid plans offer an unlimited number of studies. The Business plan starts at 1 seat/license and this number can be customized to your needs.
UXtweak customer testimonial saying: “Being able to make strategic business decisions for our clients’ projects requires a solid UX research tool that can meet the criteria of the dynamic fintech segment. Thanks to UXtweak, we can test our assumptions quickly, access broad and qualified audiences almost anywhere in the world, and receive a clear reporting of the findings - and still with the most competitive pricing on the market.” Juraj Beskid, Senior UX Researcher at Vacuumlabs

Example of a solution for a UX research team:

Team plan from Maze (5 seats/licenses) vs. the closest equivalent from UXtweak which is Business plan (4 + 2 free seats/licenses).

The Maze Team plan comes to $15,000/year in comparison, the UXtweak Business plan is just $605/month or $7,260/year. With UXtweak you save more than 51%!

Not only that, but on top of that UXtweak Business offers additional benefits and features:

  • Unlimited number of studies and tasks (blocks)
  • Advanced panel panel targeting criteria
  • Automatic QA of responses and expert audit of the study with each recruitment order from User Panel 
  • Mobile Usability App Testing tool
  • Session recording tool with Website Heatmaps 
  • Preference testing tool
  • Hybrid card sorting type
  • Expert technical support from UX researchers
  • Password protection for study access 
  • PDF reports
  • One extra seat (license) for your team members

Example solution for a sole UX researcher:

If you are just starting out with research or you are a research team of one, you might not need as many studies. Therefore you might be considering the Starter Plan from Maze. In this case, you should definitely consider the Plus plan from UXtweak.

The Maze Starter plan offers 1 study/month and comes to $1,188/year. In comparison Plus plan with unlimited studies a month from UXtweak comes to $708/year. Again saving you more than 40%! 

Visit the pricing page for more details and all features.

⬇️ See demos of UXtweak tools, and try out how the respondents would see your studies and the analytics capabilities of UXtweak:

Try Tree Testing✅

Tree Testing
Try Tree Testing✅

Try Website Usability Testing🔥

Website Testing
Try Website Usability Testing🔥

Conclusion: Maze or UXtweak?

It’s up to you of course! However, we hope we demonstrated why UXtweak makes a great Maze alternative with nothing to be ashamed of. Try our free plan today!

So why not consider switching to a platform that is more flexible, provides more tools and better targeting, at with the most competitive pricing? 

Switch to UXtweak today!

Test your assumptions quickly, access qualified audiences worldwide, and receive clear reports - all with competitive pricing.

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People also ask (FAQ)

How can I switch from Maze to UXtweak?

Register for a free account at UXtweak, choose a plan that works for you, subscribe, and start your UX research!

I have an active Maze subscription but want to try UXtweak, what can I do?

If you’re currently subscribed to Maze but want to explore what UXtweak has to offer, we have a special deal for you. We understand that contractual commitments can be a barrier to switching, which is why we’re providing free access to UXtweak for the remaining duration of your Maze subscription.

There is no need to worry about extra costs or initiating a new procurement process. Simply reach out to us at sales@uxtweak.com, and we’ll set you up so you can start enjoying UXtweak right away!

What are the best Maze alternatives?

There are several solid alternatives to Maze that provide similar features and capabilities. Check out our article where we compare 12 best Maze alternatives.

What is Maze?

Maze is a remote user testing and usability testing platform. It allows UX researchers to create and run usability tests on their prototypes and websites to gather feedback and insights from real users. Their main features are: prototype testing, website testing, card sorting, tree testing, and a survey tool.

What is UXtweak?

UXtweak is an all-in-one user research and usability testing platform similar to Maze. It offers robust usability testing tools, tools for user behavior analytics, and information architecture research for websites and web apps, prototype and mobile applications. However, UXtweak offers more variety of features (see comparison chart below), more flexibility, and a friendlier price tag than Maze does.

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