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Maze vs UserZoom – Which One to Pick in 2024?

Maze vs UserZoom – Which One to Pick in 2024?
Jana Filusova
•  07.05.2024
In the ever-evolving field of product development and UX research, choosing the right tool is key. This article compares leading tools Maze and UserZoom. Plus, we reveal an alternative tool that might just be the game-changer you need.

Join us as we unpack the features, advantages, and potential of these tools, guiding you toward making the best choice for your design needs.

Key insights

👉 Maze offers a user-friendly interface for survey building, but users have reported prototype reliability issues, particularly on mobile devices, impacting user experience.

👉 Users appreciate UserZoom’s comprehensive features for research, but the platform is often perceived as expensive compared to alternatives in the market.

👉 Maze’s strength lies in its ease of implementation and control over survey creation, despite reported prototype reliability problems and challenges in editing reports.

👉 UserZoom’s popularity stems from its comprehensive research features, such as easy participant recruitment and data export options, although users note limitations in research sessions and a perceived learning curve.

👉 UXtweak provides easy audience sourcing within the app, clear exports for advocating website structure changes, and responsive customer support.

👉 UXtweak emerges as a compelling alternative to Maze and UserZoom, offering a user-friendly platform without reported participant quality issues, along with a variety of advanced features and better respondent quality at a more affordable price point.

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Maze & UserZoom alternative – UXtweak

UXtweak emerges as a compelling alternative to UserZoom and Maze, positioning itself as a comprehensive user research platform. It is distinguished by a rich set of features that improve the usability of websites and apps across all phases, from initial prototypes to fully developed products.

Stéphanie Walter

UXtweak offers a unique blend of features, including tree testing, first-click testing, five-second tests, and mobile app testing – a combination rarely found on a single platform. Alongside these capabilities, UXtweak provides a comprehensive suite of research and recruitment tools, along with participant management solutions. These unique attributes, coupled with flexible and budget-friendly pricing, make UXtweak a comprehensive and user-friendly option for UX professionals.

🐝 Explore UXtweak’s demos to witness user interactions and analytics in real-time. ⬇

Try Tree Testing ✔️

Tree Testing
Try Tree Testing ✔️

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Website Testing
Try Website Usability Testing🔥

Maze vs UserZoom: Features and Capabilities

The table displays a feature comparison among three research platforms: Maze, UserZoom, and UXtweak.





Website Usability Testing

Prototype Testing


(compatible with Figma, InVision, Axure)

Mobile Apps Testing

(you can test apps from App Store/Google Play, TestFlight, APK, and more)

Card Sorting

(not avaliable in UserZoom GO)

(avaliable only in Team and Organization plan)

(available on all plans)

Tree Testing

(not avaliable in UserZoom GO)

(avaliable only in Team and Organization plan)

(available on all plans)

Preference Testing

First Click Testing

(not avaliable in UserZoom GO)

5 Second Testing

Session recordings + Heatmaps

Survey (with conditional logic)


(not avaliable in UserZoom GO)

(only in the Starter plan and higher)


(available on all plans)

Onsite Recruiting/

Site Intercept

Custom branding

(customizable branding in all paid plans)

(avaliable only in the highest Organization plan)

(customizable branding in all paid plans)

User Panel

(IntelliZoom panel)

(testers from 130+ countries)

Password protection of studies

(in all paid plans)

(avaliable only in the Organization plan)

(in all paid plans)

Custom screener questions

(available on all plans)

(available on all plans)

Moderated/User Interviews

conduct directly in one platform*

*UXtweak offers built in features to recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze user interviews or any other moderated studies.

The table illustrates that all three platforms provide an extensive array of features. Notably, UXtweak encompasses every listed feature, often with enhancements (e.g., advanced targeting criteria) or cost-effectiveness (e.g., password-protected studies) compared to the other two platforms.

Need to conduct moderated research?

With UXtweak you can recruit, schedule, conduct, and analyze user interviews or any other moderated studies directly in one platform.

Try our Freefrom Interview tool for user interviews or use Study Interviews to run any UXtweak studies moderated (eg. moderated card sorting, moderated website testing…).

Moderated testing supports multiple recruitment methods:

  • Bring your own participants
  • Access prequalified participants from a global User Panel in 130+ countries
  • Turn site visitors into participants with Onsite Recruiting
  • Use your custom panel with Own Database

Maze vs UserZoom: Participant Recruitment and Management Capabilities

The table illustrates how Maze, UserZoom, and UXtweak recruit and manage participants for usability studies.





 Country coverage

130+ countries

100+ countries

130+ countries

Advanced Targeting criteria

Only in Organization plan

Targeting on other plans only by basic demographics (Country, Age, Sex) 

(200 demographic filters)

(2000+ profiling attributes) 

available on all plans

Automatic QA of responses

(for professional, international, and premium plans)

Expert audit

(included with each order from User Panel)

Ability to bring your own users

(for free)

Participant management solution 

(Reach Database)


(Own Database, available on all plans)

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Maze vs UserZoom: Pricing and Plans Comparison

When selecting a user testing tool, consider the cost factor. Seek a tool that aligns with your research requirements while remaining budget-friendly. Now, let’s explore the affordability of these research platforms.

Mazes pricing plans

  • Free Plan: Free
    • Ideal for usability testing beginners.
    • Includes 1 study per month, 5 seats, and basic features.
  • Starter Plan: $99/month or $1,188/year,
    • For small teams starting with product research.
    • Offers unlimited blocks, advanced features, and accommodates 5 seats.
  • Team Plan: $1,250/month ($15,000/year),
    • Tailored for larger teams expanding their research efforts.
    • Provides over 20 studies per year, enhanced features, and supports 5+ seats.
  • Organization Plan: Custom pricing,
    • For large organizations needing extensive research support.
    • Offers custom studies and seats, comprehensive features, and robust security measures.

👀 Looking to Switch to UXtweak but Locked into Maze subscription?

If you’re currently subscribed to Maze but want to explore what UXtweak has to offer, we have a special deal for you! We will provide free access to UXtweak for the remaining duration of your Maze subscription.

No concerns about additional expenses or the need to initiate a new procurement procedure. Simply reach out to us at sales@uxtweak.com, and we’ll set you up.

UserZoom pricing plans (as part of UserTesting)

UserZoom, now a part of UserTesting, offers two distinct platforms:

  1. UserZoom GO:
    • Designed for individual researchers or small teams.
    • Provides usability testing tools for websites and mobile apps, both moderated and unmoderated.
    • Includes pre-study recruitment options.
  2. UserZoom
    • Geared towards enterprise teams, this platform offers more advanced capabilities, including card sorting, tree testing, surveys, and click tests.
    • There are two types of plans available:
      • Quick Start Plans: Suitable for smaller teams seeking rapid video-based feedback.
      • Enterprise Plans: Ideal for cross-collaborative teams engaged in extensive research.
    • While some details about these plans are provided, it’s still necessary to schedule a meeting with UserTesting’s representatives for further clarification. The pricing, starting at $70,000 annually, will be determined based on the agreed terms.

🐝 Tip: To learn more about the merger of UserZoom with UserTesting and its implications for customers, check out our upcoming article UserTesting vs UserZoom.

UXtweak pricing plans 

UXtweak offers a range of pricing plans tailored to various user testing needs:

  • Starter Plan: A free option,
    • Perfect for basic testing requirements.
    • Provides access to all tools, one active study, and up to 30 responses each month.
  • Plus Plan: At $708 annually ($59 per month),
    • Designed for individual researchers.
    • Includes 200 monthly responses, unlimited studies, and data retention for one year.
  • Business Plan: At $1,812 annually ($151 per month),
    • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.
    • Offers unlimited studies, 1,000 monthly responses, and advanced support.
  • Enterprise Plan: Begins at $5,000 annually
    • Tailored to meet demanding client needs.
    • Features unlimited user responses and dedicated support. Pricing is determined based on specific requirements.

These plans are primarily offered with annual billing, but monthly options are available for those seeking more flexibility. Switching or canceling plans is straightforward. For more information on the features of each plan, visit the UXtweak pricing page.

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Maze vs UserZoom: Customer Reviews

To ensure a fair evaluation of the three platforms discussed, we’ve included a table with data gathered from capterra.com. This website, much like G2, collects user reviews from various platforms.




Overall Score




Ease of Use




Customer Service




Value for money




Source: Capterra.com

🐝 Note from the author: Pros and cons on this page were formulated by aggregating user feedback from platforms like Capterra.com and G2.com.


  • Pros
    • Easy survey building setup: maze offers a user-friendly interface for building surveys, providing users with control and ease of use.
    • Ease of Implementation: the process for setting up prototype testing is straightforward, involving simple steps and the ability to upload a prototype link from Figma.
    • Wide range of question types available: allowing for complex inquiries.
  • Cons
    • Prototype reliability problems: prototypes, particularly on mobile devices, frequently crash, impacting the user experience.
    • Difficulty in editing reports: including changing content or the order of slides, with no option provided to combine multiple test reports easily.
    • Poorly implemented heat mapping function: users have found that the heat mapping function doesn’t always provide clear and actionable insights.
    • Test Participant Quality: some participants fail to fully engage in tests, leading to many dropping out or closing the test despite receiving payment.


Source: G2.com


  • Pros
    • Easy recruitment of participants: Users appreciate the platform’s ability to recruit participants for studies, simplifying the research process.
    • Data export: UserZoom allows for easy export of data into formats that are simple to analyze, streamlining the data analysis process.
    • Comprehensive features: Despite initial challenges, users find that once they become familiar with UserZoom’s features, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools for conducting research.
  • Cons
    • Cost: Many users find UserZoom to be expensive compared to other options available in the market.
    • Limited flexibility in research sessions: It’s not easy to combine devices for one study, leading to the need for more studies than necessary.
    • Additional charges for surveys: While UserZoom has survey capabilities, users note that there are extra charges associated with using this feature.
    • User interface: The user interface is described as fairly basic compared to other platforms.
    • Learning curve: Some users experience a learning curve, particularly when using the platform with mobile apps. Additionally, the interface can be confusing to navigate at times.
    • Limited Features in UserZoom Go: Basic plans lack advanced functionalities like transcription, which are available only at additional costs.


Source: G2.com


  • Pros
    • Wide Range of Test Options:Users appreciate the variety of test options available at fair pricing, making UXtweak a cost-effective choice for user research and analytics.
    • Clear Exports: It provides straightforward exports, aiding in advocating for necessary website structure changes.
    • Responsive Customer Support: The support team consists of experts who promptly address issues and offer effective solutions to users’ problems.
    • Seamless Integration with Figma Prototypes: The platform seamlessly integrates with Figma prototypes, making testing quick and efficient.
    • Easy Audience Sourcing: UXtweak lets you quickly find study participants within the app, without needing extra tools.
    • Interactive Demos: The ability to interact with demos of each tool allows users to gain a real view of how data is presented, enhancing understanding and usability.
  • Cons
    • Confusing Layout: Some parts of the app aren’t easy to figure out, like the left menu.
    • Complex Setup: Setting up studies can be hard because there are so many options.
    • Learning Curve: It takes time to get used to the dashboard, but it gets easier with practice.


Source: G2.com

🐝 Tip: When it comes to selecting the right user research platform for your needs, considerations like preference tests, actionable user insights, and advanced security features are crucial. UXtweak stands out for its comprehensive toolset in relation to these. Additionally, its focus on mobile application UX testing ensures that you can optimize your product for various devices.

Maze vs UserZoom: Support options


Maze provides a variety of helpful articles covering topics such as security, privacy, integrations, and test setup. For specific issues, customers can easily get support by clicking the ‘Submit a request’ button. Maze aims to respond promptly to support inquiries, with response times varying based on the complexity of the question.

UserZoom (currently part of UserTesting)

UserZoom offers technical support during regular business hours, from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays. Support hours may vary for escalated issues. All support requests are tracked and logged, allowing customers to inquire about their request status at any time. Incident priority and response times are determined based on severity, with UserZoom providing timely acknowledgment, resolution efforts, time estimates, and ongoing updates for significant errors.


At UXtweak, we extend beyond traditional support options by providing consulting services and audits conducted by our in-house team of expert UX researchers. Our commitment to excellence is highlighted by our perfect 5/5 rating on Capterra. For more information, feel free to explore our UX research consulting services.

Conclusion: Maze or UserZoom?

  • Maze offers a user-friendly interface for constructing surveys, providing users with control and ease of use. However, users have reported issues with prototype reliability, especially on mobile devices, which can impact the overall user experience. Additionally, editing reports can be challenging, and the heat mapping function may not always provide clear insights. Despite these drawbacks, Maze is still a solid choice for basic UX research needs, particularly for teams looking for quick setup and ease of implementation.
  • Moving on to UserZoom, users appreciate its comprehensive features for conducting research, including easy participant recruitment and data export options. However, UserZoom is quite expensive compared to other user research platforms in the market. Users also note limitations in research sessions, such as the difficulty in combining devices and additional charges for surveys. Despite these drawbacks, UserZoom remains a popular choice for teams needing more in-depth research capabilities, albeit with a higher cost and potential learning curve.
  • For teams seeking an alternative to Maze and UserZoom, UXtweak offers a compelling solution. With features like easy audience sourcing, clear exports, and responsive customer support, UXtweak provides a user-friendly platform for conducting UX research. Unlike Maze and UserZoom, UXtweak does not have reported problems with test participant quality, making it a preferred choice for teams looking for reliable research results. Additionally, UXtweak offers a variety of advanced features and better respondent quality at a more affordable price point, making it a balanced option for teams seeking comprehensive research capabilities without breaking the bank.
  • Experience the benefits of UXtweak for yourself. 🐝 Register now!

Tip: If you still haven’t found the right tool for you explore our collections of best Maze alternatives and UserZoom alternatives

People also ask (FAQ)

I want to try UXtweak. What should I do?

Register for a free account at UXtweak, choose a plan that works for you, subscribe, and start your UX research, or get in touch with our product experts to discuss your needs.

What is Maze?

Maze is a remote user testing platform with features for prototype testing, website testing, card sorting and tree testing, and a survey tool. They also provide help with participant recruitment with their user panel and a participant management system called Reach.

If you are not quite sure that Maze is the right choice for you, make sure to have a look at the article about the best usability testing tools.

What is UserZoom (now part of UserTesting)?

UserZoom is a UX research platform for enterprise-level research and testing. It provides tools to make use of both moderated and unmoderated research methodologies, such as surveys, click test, usability testing, card sorting, and tree testing.

Aside from solutions for usability testing and feedback gathering, it also offers capabilities for recruiting your target audience, usability benchmarking, informative architecture research, dashboard creation, and more.

If you like UserZoom’s features (that is now being integrated into UserTesting), but it is not quite what you need check out our selection of the best UserTesting Alternatives.

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