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Information Architecture Card Sorting 101 – Card Sorting Basics

If your goal isn't to confuse your user and drive them mad, the content on your website must be organized. Understand how your website's users think with card sorting. Read more ...

Tadeas Adamjak
October 30, 2020
Information Architecture How to make good trees for tree testing

We answer questions such as: What should be in the tree, how should the tree be represented, and give you a few tips for preparing better tree testing studies. Read more ...

Peter Demcak
October 15, 2020
User Research Website Heatmaps: Turning data into visually understandable insights

Want to know where users click on your website or how far they scroll? Website Heatmaps will allow you to do just that. Read more ...

Peter Demcak
July 27, 2020
Usability Testing Crowd Feedback: Utilizing wisdom of the crowd for quick insights from usability testing

Find out how you can use Crowd Feedback in your online usability testing. Read more ...

Peter Demcak
June 25, 2020
Usability Testing How to launch online usability testing of Axure prototypes

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can set up remote UXtweak testing of your Axure prototypes. Read more ...

Peter Demcak
May 22, 2020
Information Architecture Why can’t parent nodes be selected as answers in TreeTest?

Let's learn more about tree tests and usage of parent nodes in your trees. Read more ...

Peter Demcak
April 29, 2020
Information Architecture Card sorting & tree testing = best friends

Card sorting offers a way to understand your users’ thoughts and to find ideas for designing a good IA. What it doesn’t do is confirm that your new IA is right. That’s what tree testing is for. Read more ...

Peter Demcak
April 2, 2020
Case Studies Case study: Quick and effective feedback for second largest bank in Slovakia

VUB has launched a campaign to promote a youth account called FEJM. The campaign had a separate landing page www.fejm.sk, which VUB decided to test with UXtweak. Read more ...

UXtweak Team
March 12, 2020
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